Lifetimes: A Choice

Channeled Message From - Goddess Diana

Lifetimes: A Choice

Your Soul Lives Forever – Immortal

The Unconscious Mind stores information from each of your many Lifetimes, your lessons are learned through your human experiences.  Lessons learned, propel you forward into new adventures and roles, to play along your Path.  Your lessons hold invaluable memories of each experience, now charted and stored within your Soul.

You realize the parts played by those in your Soul Group here have been to enhance your Life experience, your Lessons.  This realization is an advanced state of Awareness.

Knowledge recorded within your Soul manifests your actions for this Lifetime, as well as in other Lifetimes, that you will witness through the Heart of your Soul.

“Challenges along your Path, are the stepping stones of Soul Growth.”

You will find that many pre-planned progressions come with choices – either positive or negative.  For Example – A Soul’s unresolved issues can cause a Soul to return to face the urges of the past, that you failed to resist.

Prepare For The Soul’s Immortality

Are you living a Spiritual life, living in the Vibration of Love?

Your Soul lives on Forever – returning to learn and progress through lessons of past lives, to Ascend to a Higher plane.  The Soul returns to Earth over many lifetimes to resolve issues of Fear, Anger, Regret, that are attached to your Soul.

Perhaps harboring feelings of resentment or a need for revenge towards someone in this lifetime.  Not realizing it was resentment from the past that is now a lesson to be learned in this lifetime.  To redirect the Soul to create change, a shift in consciousness occurs.

When you harbor Low Vibration energies of Fear or Anger, you have a choice.  You can amend the pattern within this lifetime, a profound journey to increased Light, to create a shift within.

Or, you can return once more!

It would behoove you to realize, the Soul’s life is reviewed when you cross over, seeing your Accomplishments, your Deeds – both Positive and Negative.

What Did You Manifest?

Did you live a Spiritual life with Empathy and Love for all?


  • Thoughts and Actions – Remain Positive, for Positive outcomes
  • Manifest – Love towards Others
  • Live your Life – With Meaning and Service

Love Is the Inner Light of your Soul that illuminates to All.

Channeled Message From – Goddess Diana

Peace and Blessings, Carol