Living: With Your Gifts

Channeled Message From - Archangel Ariel

Living: With Your Gifts

Journey To Awareness

All are Unique, yet in many ways similar, with qualities that assist for discovering Your Gifts.  The A-ha moment of your Journey, the moment you realize Who you are on a Soul Level.


The doubts you feel about yourself, actually increase your compassion – your Empathic nature.  The compassion you share from your Heart with others, returns to the you, many times greater.

There is power in recognizing aspects of who you are on a Soul Level, as you become aware of your profound Nature – Your Gifts.

Example – Those struggling to understand their sensitive nature, as a Highly Sensitive Person {HSP}, their journey to understanding can be one of great relief. 

With knowledge you recognize and enhance the beautiful qualities you possess. 

Empath’s sense feelings and emotions of others, that often feel as if they are their own!…a sensitives mood can change drastically when someone with negative emotions enters, confusing the untrained Empath.

You can learn to scan and interpret your feelings to determine what are yours, from those that are not!  Relief!!!

As You Grow

Working through these struggles you begin to feel more comfortable, this discovery of Self.  The corner puzzle piece of self knowledge, the starting point of all successful puzzles.

A valuable lesson – As you work through various situations, self examine that you are not  absorbing the Negative energies from them.  To gain information as you progress that leads to further understanding your Gifts.

Your enhanced perception allows you to steer your life free of compromise, with goals more easily met, when you recognize Who you are.

Intuitive Empath 

Empaths are able to sense, when others are uncomfortable or troubled.  The gift to sense emotions, does not imply that you must always do something.  Others may need to reflect on their feelings, part of their lesson.  Restraint through self awareness is necessary to avoid straining your system.

Healthy boundaries are a necessity for sensitives, without them you can hamper your progress.  Remain cognizant of Your emotions, as you learn to decipher the origin, and release what is not yours.

It may be hard to imagine, that you are capable of feeling someones true feelings, no matter what words, they may have spoken.

Do not absorb these feelings, they are not yours!  Observe with compassion, but maintain your emotional stability. 

As You Grow

  • Baby steps are still steps
  • You recognize your Gifts
  • Gain an enhanced Perception
  • Your understand Who you are

Along your path of Personal Growth you unite the Physical body with the Emotional body.  Combined they bring Peace, an understanding that feels complete.

May All embrace the Gifts given from the Source of All, with an enhanced perception in knowing your place in the World.

A Beautiful Gift delivered, is still in need of unwrapping.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Ariel

Peace and Blessings, Carol