Healing: With The Violet Flame

Channeled Message From - Goddess Bast

Healing: With The Violet Flame


Old Karma can become solidified, hard to dislodge, making the reversal of Karmic events almost impossible.  The Violet Flame Meditation below, can – transmute – erase negative Karma – no longer vulnerable to – Imbalance – Illness.


Thoughts, also create Physical issues – a disease can manifest when you are not vibrating at your Highest Frequency.


Thoughts – Words – Emotions – create your reality.

“ I have wasted nine months on this relationship – what do I have to Show for it? “

Will These Words – Thoughts – Emotions – Attract The Life You Wish?

Words not only Create your Reality – they attach to your Auric field, causing – Imbalances to Manifest – Emotionally – Mentally – Physically.  The negativity then recorded in your Auric field, this energy now surrounds your physical body.

Some of the vibrations may not be yours alone, as others – Emotions – Negativity – also become attached.

Suggestions For Aura Cleansing

  • Daily Violet Flame Meditation – see below
  • Amethyst crystal holds the – Violet Flame vibration, hold it while you Meditate
  • Sage – Smudge your Auric field – to Clear negative attachments

As You

Meditate visualize your Auric field filled with the Violet Flame – it changes all Negative – Emotions to Positive – raising your vibration – your Spiritual Energy.

The Violet Flame Meditation

Connects your – Higher Self – to the – Physical body – so natural healing can occur.  Its High Frequency Energy heals you both – Physically and Spiritually.  Increasing your Spiritual Energy flow to transform both your – Physical body and Spiritual body – to pure Light energy.


The Violet Flame surrounding you, as it burns away – Negative – Thoughts – Feelings – Anxieties – its High Vibration increasing your Spiritual Energy.

As your planet also transforms through Ascension – Use this Meditation to help Earth and the Animal kingdom during these changing times.

– Goddess Bast

Ascended Master St Germain – Introduced The Violet Flame Meditations, once only know by a chosen few, to all humanity to speed their Spiritual Growth.

Saint Germain is the Lord of the 7th Ray – The Violet Ray has qualities of – Mercy – Forgiveness – Justice – Freedom – Transmutation.

The Violet Flame – Also called the – Freedom Flame – due to the qualities it possesses

Violet Flame Meditation – Channel Message From – Saint Germain

With each breath flows healing Spiritual Energy to each cell of my Being

I AM the Violet Flame

Rays of Violet Light fill – my Body – my Aura
Energizing – my Mind – my Heart
Awakened to all Truths

I AM the Violet Flame

I AM washed in Divine Light

Seeing Earth healed
My Soul connected with Spirit

I AM the Violet Flame

Consciousness raised to Cosmic Heights
The emotion of Fear now Love
Karma transformed – negative to positive

I AM the Violet Flame

Channeled Message From – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol