Your: Soul Awakened

Message with - Archangel Gabriel

Your: Soul Awakened

Ripple Effect

Enlightenment is Your Soul Awakened.

Experiences in each incarnation allow you the freedom through your choices to become a Soul Awakened.  The capacity to advance is within all Souls, as you define your Spiritual Growth, by your actions.  Life plans created prior to this incarnation are to assist your Soul in transforming in this Lifetime.

Through a Souls Human experiences, the opportunities are within the life plan to cleanse the Soul. 

The Soul continually strives to evolve to a Higher State of Being, using the Human form as but a Vessel.

Each lives uniquely in this World – with a plan created by you as Co-Creators.  Your course is not finite, adjustments on your course are possible, your team can create other avenues to enhance your Core Lessons.  As you grow in this Life, you have opportunities to view your life from a new Vantage Point, seeing the role you played by your choices, can be Enlightening.  Adjustments may be required to create the Life Experiences you came to participate in.

All Souls possess the tools necessary to shift their Thoughts, their Emotions that will align with their chosen Path.  Be Mindful – As all of Life’s choices, can create a Ripple – Domino – effect.

The Perfect Teacher – The Perfect Time

Teachers are available throughout each lifetime, chosen by You and Your Guides, prior to your incarnation.  Many do not have a Shingle saying Teacher, but a teacher they are all the same.

In Many Forms
  • Formal Educators
  • Healers
  • Family and Friends
  • Guides in the Spirit Realm
  • Soul Group

Teachers rotate throughout your Life, Guided to you when the time in appropriate, using their particular expertise for a specific lesson along your Path.  They offer their Wisdom and Guidance to assist and lead you through your various lessons.

Always at your Pace with understanding and patience.

Unique & Valuable

You may find that your most Valuable Lessons, come from a teaching experience that appears to be a Negative One.  Understandably this may be difficult to Fathom.  They often are, what I call the Soul Pusher that keeps you on track, that in the future you may understand their Essential Value.  They are also bound to the personality they chose for this Lifetime, that often once you receive the push, you should not have further association with.  Their purpose in your life has been met.

As you become aware of the necessary and difficult element they played in your Spiritual Development.

ALL experiences in Life are lessons, with great potential for Advancement.  You may notice that similar lessons, continue to come forward in different forms.  Take note – this may be one of your Main Lessons from your pre-approved ‘To Do’ list.  The Core Lessons of your Life plan prepared prior to your Incarnation with your Soul Group.  Your Soul Group has specific Roles to play to accomplish the lessons for Soul Growth, lessons for All, as both Student and Teacher.

When you recognize a repeated lesson, with different Roles, different circumstances, pay attention, they are indeed your Core Lessons.  They will repeat until learned.  Seeing them on your Path as but pebbles, is easier then waiting until they are boulders!

Be Open – Allow

Allow the education your Soul craves, lessons are necessary to advance to your next opportunity for Growth – the next Teacher – the next Chapter.

As with all experiences in your life, the work necessary to achieve growth is – Your Part – Your Commitment – to – Your Soul.

Advancements at times seem to move you swiftly forward, then a period that appears stagnate, Frustrating you and Testing your Patience.  Take heart, lessons are a process, time is needed to Allow each Lesson to fully Integrate.

Integration for the Soul is Essential, so you can reflect on each experience, before moving forward.

Spiritual Growth

The road to Spiritual Enlightenment is Powerful, within this process your Developing Soul finds its identity on a Soul level.  Its Essence is reclaimed through the necessary process of Soul Work.  Soul Work, is how you grow through your lessons, working on Core issues that Teach and Heal.  Not an easy task, but a necessary path to Soul Liberation, the Inner Work so often avoided, that I Strongly recommend!

Spiritual enlightenment is a shift in awareness where we encounter the non-dual nature of reality and achieve perfect harmony with the world around us.  We embrace the Oneness of all living things.

Your Pathway to a Powerful Transformation –  A Soul Awakened.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Gabriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol