The Spirit is the Eternal force that dwells within All things. Known also as the I Am that I Am, God, Creator. This category features articles to better understand our Divine connection with Source, to Transform, to Awaken ~ such as Ascension, Spiritual Awakening, Karma, Souls Contracts, Enlightenment & Lightworker

SPIRIT: Infinite Consciousness, Source Eternal, the path of illumination to unite the Spirit with the Divine, as it transcends the Egoic Mind. The Eternal Force, our Oneness, through Faith embodies the
Mystery in all Spiritual movements.

Brotherly Love: In Spirit

George died of a drug overdose at the age of 20, as an abused child with learning disabilities, his main assignment after his Life Review, was to assist others in similar life challenges[...]

Ascension: Communication

The abilities you chose during Ascension, are enhanced to assist in your Service to Humanity and Earth. Communication will come from the Energies of the Heart, now as a Soul[...]

A Teacher: Within Awakens

Many see themselves as a 'Perishable Mortal.' This creates Boundaries, Blocks to your Growth. You are Limitless Beings, your Soul knows this Truth. Look within, seek your Inner Teacher[...]

Karma: The Misconceptions

Karma pertains to the Soul, here at this precise time, planned by you before incarnating. The Goal is so your Soul can experience, Reflect, Examine and Correct its past mistakes, in this[...]

Your: Soul Awakened

Core Lessons repeat until learned. They continue to come forward, with different Actors, and situations. Pay attention, recognizing them as but pebbles, is easier then boulders[...]

Violet Flame: Meditation

With each breath flows healing Spiritual Energy to each cell of my Being, I AM the Violet flame, the 7th Rays Violet Light, holds the Highest Vibration to Heal and promote Spiritual[...]