The Soul is the Non-physical aspect of Intimate expression of the Divine Spirit, Intuition is the language of the Soul. The Spiritual & Eternal Source that communicates Wisdom through stillness. This category features articles to better understand and heal the Soul ~ such as Past Lives, Inner Work, Trauma, Shadow Work, Self-Awareness, True Potential & Core Lessons

SOUL: Our Spiritual and Higher Self expression of eternal Divine Energy. The command center of the physical life, responsible for our Emotions, Creativity, Reason and Memory. All Sentient and non-Sentient Beings possess a Soul.

Our: Divine World

When human beings become aware of the task for which they have incarnated, they will begin to work on the earth, which is to say, on ‘their’ Earth, on[...]

Karma: The Misconceptions

Karma pertains to the Soul, here at this precise time, planned by you before incarnating. The Goal is so your Soul can experience, Reflect, Examine and Correct its past mistakes, in this[...]

What’s: Your Vibration?

Pay heed to your thoughts and actions, as they signal the level of your current state. When you begin hearing negative feelings such as - Fear - Anger, you are no longer in a high vibrational state[...]