The Mind is a tool used to organize, process and discern thoughts & ideas through the use of logic, the tool of creating. As All suffering originates in the Mind, beliefs, behaviors and reactions need to be realigned to process life for the Highest Good. This category features articles to better understand the Mind through Self-Awareness ~ such as Core Wounds, Mindsets, Limiting Beliefs & Shadow Self

MIND: The tool of Creation, gathering through experiences enables the Body to process, be aware, to think through conscious thoughts. To visualize and Discern, through logic. Our triggers are formed in the Mind by unexamined thoughts, beliefs and core wounds we carry.

A Teacher: Within Awakens

Many see themselves as a 'Perishable Mortal.' This creates Boundaries, Blocks to your Growth. You are Limitless Beings, your Soul knows this Truth. Look within, seek your Inner Teacher[...]

Lessons Along The Way To Soul Liberation

You continue along your Path, feeling connected, Receiving new Gifts from the lessons of Life experiences. All is well, you feel on track, then you hear, I've got this, I now understand how it all works. The controlling Ego feels frightened and[...]

Karma: The Misconceptions

Karma pertains to the Soul, here at this precise time, planned by you before incarnating. The Goal is so your Soul can experience, Reflect, Examine and Correct its past mistakes, in this[...]

What’s: Your Vibration?

Pay heed to your thoughts and actions, as they signal the level of your current state. When you begin hearing negative feelings such as - Fear - Anger, you are no longer in a high vibrational state[...]