The Heart is the Emotional expression of the Body, the center of Inspiration that connects us with others. Through opening the High Heart we expand and reveal, our true Nature, our Authentic Self. This category features articles to understand & heal the wounds of the Heart ~ such as Toxic Relationships, Inner Child, Emotional Abuse, Empaths & Self-Love

HEART: The Portal to the Soul, our Core Essence. When in tune with our Hearts, we are connected to Divine Wisdom, the Energy of Intuitional thought. Our Hearts Path opens us to compassion, forgiveness, and love for others. The Heart can become closed from life, caused by pain, heartache & trauma.

Living: With Your Gifts As An Empath

As an Empath you are capable of sensing, when others are uncomfortable or troubled, a gift that does not imply that you fix their issue. Enjoy the Clearing Energy Meditation by Jennifer Cunning for Empaths to restore and relax[...]

Our: Divine World

When human beings become aware of the task for which they have incarnated, they will begin to work on the earth, which is to say, on ‘their’ Earth, on[...]

Words Do: Matter

Words spoken are invisible to the eye, but the effects can indeed be both Physical and Emotional seen by those that are on the receiving end of the attack. There are no take backs once...Words Do Matter[...]

Lessons: A Choice For Each Lifetime

Yes, Lessons can be challenging, embrace them with Gratitude as they have a Higher Purpose. Seeing Life in this way, you move Forward more easily, meeting and learning through Enlightened insight. Observing the roles[...]

The Road To: Enlightenment

With insight, you embrace the opportunities to grow, to develop through your Positive experiences, as well as your Negative ones. Welcoming a Positive approach to situations on your Road to[...]