The Body houses the Soul as the physical aspect of the Soul's outward expression. The Body is the bridge between Earth and Spirit, when the Body is still, it gains access to the Soul's communication. This category features articles on Health & Well Being both Physically & Spiritually ~ such as Ascension Side Effects, Abuse, Traumas & Healing Techniques

BODY: The physical aspect of our Human form, in a constant state of renewal, touches the material world through it’s 5 senses. As Spiritual beings having a Human experience, our Body is the bridge between Spirit and Earth. A temporary vessel that like our Soul requires nourishment, both Internal and Spiritual.

Brotherly Love: In Spirit

George died of a drug overdose at the age of 20, as an abused child with learning disabilities, his main assignment after his Life Review, was to assist others in similar life challenges[...]

Words Do: Matter

Words spoken are invisible to the eye, but the effects can indeed be both Physical and Emotional seen by those that are on the receiving end of the attack. There are no take backs once...Words Do Matter[...]