Who Knew: A Shadow Could Be So Heavy

A Message From - Carol

Who Knew: A Shadow Could Be So Heavy

Once Upon A Time…

A Shadow-Self storyA young girl was skipping in the woods, as she had done many times before.  She found herself in a beautiful meadow, where upon the fragrant grass a Dark Shadow appeared.  Her senses became heightened, the woods became silent, even the the birds stopped chirping.

All Was Still

…except the loud beating of Her Heart.

Feelings of fear began to overwhelm her.  She noticed in the distance a bench with beautiful daffodils swaying in the breeze.  She sat and contemplated…

What were these feelings, this fear buried so deep within, after all, it was just a Shadow?

As time passed, she noticed the birds began to sing once more.  She instinctively knew the shadow was hers, her Shadow-Self, hidden deep within, now wishing to be acknowledged. Time to remove the Shame and Guilt she had attached.

With understanding, she no longer felt frightened realizing this was a part of Her – Her story – Her life.


  • Embraced this part of her Story
  • Replaced Fear with Understanding
  • Sent love to her Shadow-Self
  • Visualized her Shadow comforted by the warmth of the Sun

      …She began skipping once again.

All Have A Shadow-Self

The Shadow-Self consists of the sense you have of yourself, created from life experiences that you filter, to only illuminate what you wish others to see.  Hiding from view, what you cannot reveal.

When you only bring Light to the parts of yourself you are comfortable showing, you leave the rest in Darkness.

As you allow Light to shine on the Darkness – You find Peace & Freedom.

The burden of Shadows kept locked away can have Grave consequences on your Life, your Relationships, your Health. 

Your Soul.

In the Story…It appeared to the young girl as only a Shadow, but the Reflection carries the darkness, the Emotions that Burden and Tether to one’s Soul.

Light vs Dark

Negative and Positive qualities, Darkness and Light, are within us all.  Denying only creates Disharmony.

Secrecy allows your Shadows to remain in Darkness, shrouded in Shame and Guilt, as you remain a Victim, a Prisoner, shielded from the Whole of Who you are.

Life struggles and conflicts, relationship difficulties, even certain people placed in your lives have a purpose.  Often, they bring the Mirrors to reflect the Shadows that need unmasking.  When you understand and accept fully this Truth, Transformation and Healing can begin.

It is in the middle where Light and Dark overlap, that you find Awareness, Acceptance and Healing.

“You cannot heal what you do not first acknowledge.” Franciscan Priest – Richard Rohr


There is no Overpass or Detour when you seek Healing through Shadow-Work, but the road does lead to finding Peace through Strength, Freedom through Honesty.

Take inventory of your Shadows, Embrace your polarities, find comfort in your Strengths and your Weaknesses.  As you take Ownership, you integrate the Dark and Light – so your Authentic-Self can Emerge.

No longer living a Fragmented Life, but an Authentic one.

Honoring your Complete and Authentic Self, you become a Being, a Soul, at Peace.

“Very few of us were taught that we’re essentially Good.  Very few of us were given a sense of Unconditional approval, a Feeling that we’re precious because of what we are, not what we do.”  Marianne Williamson

As you become more Accepting of Yourself, you become more Accepting of Others.

“When I Love Myself, I Love you.  When I Love You, I Love Myself”

Shadow-Work, is the first footprint on your path to finding your True Self, your True Potential, your Soul at Peace.

Peace and Blessings, Carol