Violet Flame Meditation - Spiritual Fire Of Transformation

Channeled Message From - Saint Germain

Violet Flame Meditation – Spiritual Fire Of Transformation

History Of The Violet Flame

Ascended Master St Germain {1710-1784}

The Violet Flame decrees were initially introduced to a chosen few, directed by Ascended Master St Germain.  Later out of need, they were shared with All of Humanity.  To assist Humanity excel towards the Earths goal of Spiritual Ascension.  Alchemist’s used the power of  the Sacred Fire gift to transmute both Personal and Planetary past errors of Thought & Deed.

A Soul Alchemist is defined – 

As one who is able to Transmute Energy, and Shift Consciousness to the quantum level of Awareness.  The Energetic shift was achieved by those called Soul Alchemists.  They believed there work created a ripple effect, much like the tossing of a pebble into a pond.  The ever expanding rings created, remain long after the pebble has been tossed.

St Germain, known as the Lord of the 7th Ray –

The Violet Ray holds the Energies of Mercy, Forgiveness, Justice, Freedom, and Transmutation.  The “Spiritual Fire” of Soul Transformation, heals issues both Physically and Emotionally.  To assist the Soul on its Journey, its Spiritual Ascension. Colors are healing, the color Violet, holds the highest vibration of all colors.  Needed to purify Karma, release blockages and promote Spiritual Growth.

The Spiritual Energy within the Violet Flame is the bridge of Your Soul with Heart.  As it works through vibrations, by increasing their levels, increasing Consciousness.  A Spiritual process that raises the Soul into a State of Unity with the Divine.  Using the I Am energy – I AM God.

The Violet Flame, also known as the Freedom Flame due to the qualities it possesses.  As it transmutes, erases Negative Karma, it clears the Soul from its vulnerability to Imbalance and Illness.  As it Heals the wounds of Past Lives, where much Soul trauma occurred.

Violet Flame Meditation

  • Amethyst crystals – Hold this crystal during the Violet Flame Meditation to increase the vibration
  • Visualize – Your Etheric Field filled with the warmth, the energy, of the Violet Flame.
Read Aloud –

With each breath flows Healing Spiritual Energy to each cell of my Being

I AM the Violet flame

Rays of Violet Light fill – my Body – my Aura
Energizing – my Mind – my Heart
Awakened to all Truths

I AM the Violet flame

I AM washed in Divine Light

Seeing Earth healed
My Soul connected with Spirit

I AM the Violet flame

Consciousness raised to Cosmic Heights
The emotion of Fear now Love
Karma transformed – Negative to Positive

I AM the Violet flame

Channeled Meditation with – Saint Germain

Peace and Blessings, Carol