The Spiritual Spiral

A Message From - Carol
Your Life Force Energy – your Kundalini – a Spiral flowing from the base of your spine – your own internal Spiral staircase.

The Spiritual: Spiral

The Spiral of Awareness

The Spiritual Spiral, found throughout – Nature – the Universe – our Physical form.  The Spiral’s movement – an almost tangible flow of Energy.As a new fiddlehead forms on a fern plant, it begins as a tightly coiled Spiral.  It slowly unfurls to become a leaf, now ‘One’ with the Collective.

The Spiral is seen in a Natures nautilus shell, if you look closely you see it’s Path created the Spiral form.  As it begins at its – Center – its Core – ever Expanding – to Completion.  Much like the Journey of our Souls, the spirals of Our own Path.

Scientists explore the skies with high – powered telescopes and satellites.  They bare witness to the large formed spirals of the galaxies that begin at their Core and Expand.

Look closely at these images from a still photograph.  You feel – the Movement – the Energy – the Expansion within their form.

The Labyrinth – Spiritual Spiral

An ancient tribe called the Hopi Indians once lived in North America, used a symbol to honor Mother Earth – Gaia – known as the “Labyrinth.”

The Labyrinth’s Spiral, forms inward and outward movements.  The Hopi Indians, as an expression of their gratitude to Mother Earth, used this form as their remembrance of their connection to the Sacred in Nature.  They completed a walking Meditation – to Honor her beauty.

They believed that our movement within the Labyrinth – interacts with our Kundalini – Life Force Energy.  Harnessing its flow as they walked this Ancient Path. 

Celtics too, saw the connection of the Spiral as a symbol.  A Journey, a Path to Spiritual Awareness, indeed our Connection with Nature, never to be severed.

Spiral Connections

The Spiritual Spiral symbol is more powerful than its form suggests.  It connects us to Nature, our Galaxies and our ever Spiraling planet – Earth. Our Life Force Energy – Our Kundalini, also a Spiral that flows from the base of our spine.

Our own internal Spiral Staircase.

New And Ever Growing

This Ancient symbol of Spirituality, a Path to Awareness – a New beginning – an opening to our Ascension.  Our Spiritual Journey begins, the Journey to increased Light, that too, begins at – our Center – our Core.  An ever Expanding Journey, bridges Our connection to All!

A Spiral staircase appears at first glance to be unsupported, once examined, it too is one continuous form – Supported.

It enforces Our Connection – Our Oneness with the Universe – Supported…  Always.

Peace and Blessings, Carol