The Mystical Super Moon Energy Of Libra

A Message From - Carol

The Mystical Super Moon Energy Of Libra

Our Spring Equinox Super Moon

As the Sun crossed into the constellation Aries on March 21st @ 7:58 AM, we begin the season of Spring.  The balance of time, of Light and Dark.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the beginning of a new cycle, a new astrological year, and a bold Super Moon.  The Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere awakens Spring, the change of seasons and a shift of energy flows to welcome the once dormant.  The trees bare all winter now begin to birth new leaves, flowers suddenly begin to bud and whisper that new beginnings are upon us.

The energy is one of encouragement, to bloom and express ourselves in new ways.  The season of new beginnings for all of our planet, a divine season of growth.  This Equinox begins with the Libra Super Moon, the moon of release, the purge of emotions no longer vital in this new season.  As the gardener trims his trees and bushes to encourage new healthier growth.  The sign of Libra encourages balance and harmony in the garden, and prompts us to do the same.

Super Moon

Weather Effects

When the Sun, Moon and Earth are more aligned in space, they create a gravitational pull on our Oceans.  Often referred to as the Spring Tides.  During a Super Moon, the alignment pull is greater, accelerating these tides, with even higher tides, and lower lower tides than is normally experienced during an Equinox.  It has been noted that there is a strong correlation between the Super Moon energy, earthquakes and more severe weather patterns.

Individual Effects

Super Moons are amplifiers of energy, and as beings of energy, we are susceptible to these extremes.  The influx of energy can be challenging.  Since we are all connected to the natural world in Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit.  As tides rise during a Super Moon, we are mostly made of water, it rises within us as well.  Many of us will feel more emotional, experience sleep disturbances, and lucid dreams.

The Energy Of Libra

Be Inspired

This amplified influx of new energies can awaken a wave of new potential, stronger intuition, greater awareness of synchronicities.  Perhaps you may have a burning desire to express your creativity, as this energy also amplifies vision and potential.  Embrace the energies it brings for new  beginnings and fresh starts.

Libra’s energy carries a message of great possibilities for humanity, the power of the collective.  With the Moon in Libra & the Sun in Aries, the moon is fully illuminated in the Light of Aries.

  • Sun in Aries – The first sign of the Zodiac, it embraces an independent Warrior Spirit ruled by Mars, the God of War. The sign of Me & I.
  • Moon in Libra – Located on the opposite side of the Zodiac, it encourages us to walk our paths in Harmony ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love & Harmony.  The sign of Us & We.

Just like a loving parent, this Super Moons energy beckons these two energies to embrace the Inner Warrior of Aries, but balance with Libras energies of Compassion and Unity.  To embrace a deeper calling of Love and Harmony.  A Super Moon of deep reflection for each of us.

To awaken our collective voice to entice change.

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Mystical Moon

This mystical moon opens a portal, a new wave of energy, encouraging us to tune into our intuition, tap into our feminine side.  To purge and release All that is holding us from moving further into our True Self. To minimize the amount of energy we spend on things that drain and deplete.

There is another dynamic aspect of this Super Moon, the return of the minor planet Chiron, the Wounded Warrior.  She will remain for the next 8 years, very curious during our current tumultuous times.  As her last two entries in Aries were 1919 – 1927 she saw the end of WWI, and again in 1968 – 1976 during the make Love not War movement.

Chiron will join Aries, the strong and forceful, but be driven by Libra to fight for healing through Love, Compassion and Empathy.  To step out of the Old outdated beliefs, so a new World can emerge and forge a New Era on Earth.  Spiritual Warriors, Lightworkers, and Star Children for Unity, for Humanity, for Earth will emerge.

Her timely appearance to Divinely inspire us to collectively dance with the graceful energy of Libra.

“Every step along the pathway of becoming whole requires time. The body, being composed of a denser vibration, must slowly adjust to the influx of new energies.  Just as an electric wire must be upgraded for a stronger current to pass through, so must our body be transformed through time to contain a higher vibration of consciousness.”   Ann Mortifee

Blue Moon – Jesus Moon

A Full Moon is classified as a Blue Moon when the second Full Moon occurs within the same astrological sign.  This indeed happens on April 19th @9:42 PM.  In this calendar year it also falls on Good Friday, aptly named by some as the Jesus Moon.  To Commemorate the Passion, the Crucifixion, the Death @ Calvary.

The energy of Libra fits with His message of Forgiveness, to live a life with Grace for All.

The second portal of energy is a higher vibration to awaken us to new potentials and new opportunities.  The second Libra Moon is calling us to take personal inventory, to realize that to begin a new, we must edit, and nourish our new garden, one that brings us Joy.

There are many energies at play that we need to be aware of, so take time to Center and Ground your energy into Mother Earth to remain balanced.  Make it a priority to Meditate, to carve out more time to rest, to anchor into a state of Peace and Serenity.   When we do we are expanding the frequency of Peace. If we react from a lower energy of Survival, Fight or Flight, Powerlessness, we expand those frequencies.

As Like Attracts Like.

These are powerful, but exciting times.  We are not here at this time by chance, we asked to be here as Keepers of Light.  So – Walk barefoot in the grass, start your garden, spend time hiking in nature, connect with your favorite crystals.

Embrace your intimate dance with the Moon as you gaze at her Mystical Magic!

Peace and Blessings, Carol