The Lions Gate Portal 8:8 Activation 2019

Message From - Carol

The Lions Gate Portal 8:8 Activation 2019

The Lions Gate Portal

This years Lions Gate Portal energy that began on July 26th – August 12th will peak on August 8 – 8:8.  A Highly Spiritual charged time, as the Lions Gate energy lifts Our Consciousness to New Heights.  In Ancient Numerology the number 8 represents Infinity, the Infinite Soul’s Journey to higher consciousness.  This Cosmic event aligns the activation of the Heart Chakra, as it Opens, Clears blocks with the influx of this powerful energy.

The Lions Gate Portal has ties with Ancient Egypt.  The rising of the star Sirius, known as the Spiritual Sun, is viewed with the rising and flooding of the Nile, a Gift of Abundance, Prosperity, and Fertility.  A Re-Birth if you will.  They revered this star by aligning their Pyramids with Sirius’ rising.

The Ancients also viewed Sirius as the gateway to Higher Vibrational beings, of advanced Wisdom.

The Infinity Symbol Of The Number 8

Lions Gate does not merely involve Numerology.  It has strong ties with Astrology, the movement of the Sun into its ruling sign of Leo, the sign of the Lion, the rising of the star Sirius.  The number 8 represents Infinity, the Infinite Soul, that is associated with the energy of Abundance, Fertility & Higher Realms of consciousness.

The 8:8 creates a very potent time to Clear our energy for receiving.  A perfect time to release clutter to acknowledge to the Universe we are ‘Open to Receive!’

This magical period is the burst of energy needed to encourage your full Awakening to Your Divine Light.  A time of accelerated Ascension energy to awaken the dormant Divine Codes of Ascension within.  As we step into the Lions Gate Portal, we step into the Awakening of Our Divinity.

Opening Of The Heart Chakra

Through this Portal energy we become more aligned to receive messages.  Dreams, Synchronicities, and Divine Guidance from our Guardian Angels.  This highly creative time, is different from other years.  As 2019 also offers something further, a Sacred alignment with Venus & Jupiter.  Venus being the planet of Love, while Jupiter is the planet of Abundance.

Together their dance is a Magical Gift from the Universe!  A harmonious time of energy to Open our Hearts with Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

This influx of combined energy, this river of Joy, is accessible to All who align with this Truth.  When we embrace Our Natural State, we avoid the distractions, the noise, and align with Our Soul.  The Sacred Heart connects us to the Oneness of the Universe, to our brothers and sisters.  These truths, these words, are to be felt through the Heart.

The Gift of this Portal is a Mystical & Magical time, a Journey through Our Heart, not through Our Mind.

“Love holds the Moon to the Earth, the Earth to the galaxy…We exist because of Love…binding Energetic fusion that holds Creation together…”  Ann Mortifee

Inner Harmony – Heart Focus Technique

Use this quick Coherence exercise at the Onset of any Trigger of Anxiety, Stress or Fear that may arise.  This method connects the Heart to the Mind in a Positive way, returning you back to a State of Ease & Inner Balance.

Focus your attention on your Heart, place your hand over your Heart to encourage this connection.

Breathe slowly, yet deeply as you continue to focus on your Heart.  As you inhale, feel your breath flowing through your Heart, as you exhale feel it leaving through your Heart Center.  Keep your hand, and focus on your Heart.  Continue to breathe slowly and deeply 2 – additional times.

         Feel the ease of your breathing as the natural flowing rhythm of your Heart returns.

As you continue to focus on your Heart, bring forward into your Inner Sight, a Happy image that makes you smile, a puppy, a baby animal, a newborn, or an image that instantly brings a Smile.

Continue to focus on your Heart, hold the Happy image.  Repeat the following
3 times – to release any Toxic emotions from your Heart.

Every decision I make about you, is a choice between a Grievance and Peace.  And I choose Peace.

Every thought I have about you, is a choice between a Grievance and Peace.  And I choose Peace.

I relinquish All Grievances, All Resentments, and All Regrets.
And I choose Peace


Embrace the Dance,