The Blue Full Moon Of Scorpio Energy In May

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The Blue Full Moon Of Scorpio Energy In May

The Night Sky Of May

The Blue Full Moon Of Scorpio Energy dances this May with the seasonal Flower Moon.  The full moon energy is present for 7 days, 3 days prior, the day of & 3 days after the event.  This even will adorn the night skies in the east on Saturday May 18th at 5:11 P.M.

Once In A Blue Moon

An outdated saying that no longer applies.  A Full Blue Moon is described as two full moons that occur during the same calendar month.  The second is most often described as a Blue Moon, not due to it’s color, but due to it’s timing.  This full moon however, is different, as there is only one appearing this month.  Due to this fact.  When four full moons, instead of three occur during one season {Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter} astrologically, it is the third of the season that is called a Blue Moon. This season witnessed two already, March 20th & April 19th, with one after this one on June 17th.

This seasonal Full Moon in Scorpio is also known as a Flower Moon, as it coincides with the flowers blossoming in Spring.  Fashioned as such many years ago during a time in our history when there were no calendars available, they relied fully on the sky as their calendar.

Moon Of Scorpio Energy

Scorpio is a Water sign, unlike the other two water signs of roaring seas, Scorpio’s motto is  – “Still Waters Run Deep.”

The Blue Full Moon Of Scorpio Energy is considered to be one of the most powerful for releasing and shedding our energies that block our transformation.  I see her much like a loving parent, Tender yet Powerful with our best in mind.  Scorpio is the sign of Rebirth & Spiritual Transformation.  The Energy of Scorpio draws us to look deeply into Our Heart, Our Soul.  The Moon of Self-Reflection, Divinely timed to assist us in fully embracing Our Dreams.  It is a Magical Moon that guides us to listen to the Wisdom of Our Hearts, as the answers lie Within.

We are more Powerful than We realize.

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We vibrate with the same life that vibrates the waters, the earth and the stars.  All is connected in this living vital force.  All is motivated and sustained by its power.  Realize this.  Take responsibility for being the co-creator of your Life.”  Ann Mortifee

Other Influences

The Water sign of Scorpio is joined by the Earthly Taurus Sun & Mercury also in Taurus, our thoughts will be stimulated and reveal Our Inner Passions.  This is a very interesting, and powerful Cosmic Dance!  As the Energy of Taurus is also shedding light on our deepest desires, those we have hidden and yet crave.  To allow these desires to manifest, there is a balance that is required.  The balancing process of Letting Go.

What are you willing to Let Go Of?

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Are You Ready To Unveil Your Authentic Self?

And –
  • Peel back the layers that this moon piercingly spotlights in need of Unveiling.
  • Unburden what you no longer need to Carry.
  • Give yourself permission to Let Go of All that no longer Serves or Nurtures.
  • Release the Blocks that keep you from living the Truth of Who You Are.
  • Be Willing to take the Deep Dive to uncover what is holding You Back.
  • Live Your Life to it’s Truest Potential.
  • Begin to explore Your thoughts and not those of Society.
  • Embrace your Shadows – Allow the Light to heal and embrace all of you.

This a great time for Growth, the Springtime of New Beginnings.  We are here as Alchemists, to release the unnecessary and embrace all of who we are, both Light and Dark.  When we bring Light to the Dark we transform it, but when they are left in the darkness they continue to be Fertilized!

  • Meditate Inhale Courage…Exhale Fear…Repeat.
  • Allow – Yourself to Receive what resonates with your Soul.
  • Be Patient – This is an Intimate Dance of Self-Love & not a Race.
  • Sage Smudge Chant – Aloud repeat – Into this cleansing smoke I Release All energies that do not serve me, All Negativity that surrounds me, as I Release All Fears that have Limited Me.

Enjoy all this Cosmic Dance has to offer our Life experience here during the Aquarian Age.

Our Body is the vehicle for our Earthly experiences.  It is Our Soul that through these experiences Grows & Aligns more fully.  With Divine Guidance & Grace we can embrace fully Who We Are.

Peace & Blessings, Carol