Super "Snow Moon" Of 2020 Awakens Our Inner Fire

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Awaken Our Inner Fire

Super “Snow Moon” Of 2020 Awakens Our Inner Fire

Cosmic Dance Of The Super “Snow Moon”

Magnificent as she rises through the dark sky, looming with her brilliant White Light bursting through the night sky! “The Snow Moon” of February 2020 Awakens Our Inner Fire.  It begins with the first of two Super Moons of the year, that starts tonight, February 8th, peaking under the sign of Leo on February 9th at 2:33 A.M. EST.  These energies will last for about two weeks!

She’s named Super Moon due to the close proximity to Earth, which moves about its elliptical orbit, it appears closer by 30% than usual. February’s Super Moon is under the sign of Leo. We can expect heightened feelings under this sign, as this luminous Super Moon showers us in her radiant moonlight.

Increased Sensitivity

These heightened energies’ Purpose is to ignite our Inner Fire of Courage, to unlock and pursue our desires, our dreams. To use divine clarity to clear away anything that separates us from our Purpose. We can expect to experience the emotional effects of a regular full moon, slightly amplified under the influence of the highly expressive Leo. As we know, Leo energy will have no problem in the display arena.

As we push past old fears and barriers, we usher in a time of tremendous breakthroughs. As the Sun is opposite the Moon, our relationships, jobs, will come into clearer focus in the next few weeks. The Universe will support us in this process of examination. Illuminating the dense and dark that no longer serves. The past emotions we still cling to that continue to weigh heavily on our Soul will need our attention as we examine more carefully and intuitively, what may be causing our disharmony.

Secrets Revealed

This full Super Moons also amplifies Spiritual effects, as she brings to light a cleansing effect, to create inner change to move forward. Full moons are a time of harvesting, clearing our emotional weeds, cutting cords, changing habits, and behaviors that longer serve. All come forward for our Personal Growth.

Leo’s Super Moon will shine a light on certain Leo-based sign qualities. This is true for all signs during a full moon. Leo’s theme is one of Confidence, the ability to experience Joy. A need for Inner Reflection to evaluate your genuine happiness. Since Mars will be in alignment at this time, it too will inspire us to assess our Truth. Questioning – Are you living your life in alignment?

Be mindful of what comes forward. We will all be asked to take time in Self-Reflection. These openings that come forward may rattle us at first but take a closer look. The purpose is to clear away anything that separates us from your Purpose, anything that disrupts our Inner Peace.

Often, these are the missing pieces we asked the Universe to assist us in. They may not appear as we thought. The Truth often bears its Soul within us on the night of the Full Moon, it shines a light into our darkened corners ready to be unveiled.

Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook

Super-Charged Energy Portal

The Universe is assisting us in igniting the Fire in our Soul. To allow us to connect with our Inner Sun, clearing away anything that seeks to dim our Inner Flame. She assists us with clarity to see our circumstances and empowers us with the strength and power to bring harmony back to our lives.

The Sun is in exact opposition to the Moon, she is the ruler of your Inner emotions as the Moon ignites our deeper Inner Truth. The Sun sees the Self that is visible to All the World. A struggle between these two can often awaken out Inner Truths revealed by this Super Snow moon.

The Majestic and Mysteriously powerful Leo touches on our ability to love ourselves, it calls us to express ourselves fully as it brings forward the Inner Child in need of Love, Protection and Nurturing to Heal the wounds of the past. For any lack of Self-Love, is tied to our Wounded Inner Child! Time to heal and unlock the Awe, Wonder, and Playfulness of our Inner Child. Reminding us of who we are at our Core.

Embrace this incredibly motivating experience, leading us towards our ultimate destiny. Our thoughts and emotions will be steered toward awakening the person we here to be — time to allow your True-Self to unfold.

Embrace the Cosmic Dance,