Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse January 2019

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Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse January 2019

Blood Moon Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse unfolding is a Powerful event, one that holds the energy of Transformation, Letting Go and New Beginnings.  So be gentle with yourself this weekend, take time to focus on you, to be a little selfish during our luminary event.  Hold the intention that allows you to move forward on your Hearts Path, one that serves your Soul.

January’s full moon falls on the 20-21st, this year’s full moon surprise guest is a Total Lunar Eclipse appearing on Sunday evening.

A total Lunar Eclipse appears a few hours before the peak of the full Moon and should be visible, weather permitting to all of North, Central and South America.

  • The partial eclipse begins at approximately 10:33 PM, EST {7:33 PM PST} on January 20th.
  • The total eclipse begins an hour later at 11:41 PM EST {8:41 PM PST}

The perfect time to gaze into the night sky!

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes into the Earths shadow, as the bright moon darkens during the total eclipse it creates a coppery-hue glow, nicknamed Blood Moon.

Super Moon

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is both full and at it’s the closest point to Earth. The full Wolf Moon was named by Native Americans, as winter food was scarce and the wolves howled in hunger to the Villagers.  It reaches it’s peak on January 21st at 12:16 AM EST {9:16 PM PST}

Our Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse is rising in the constellation sign of Leo.  This combination is Powerful and will not happen again for another two years. The Energetic effects will be stronger than usual. Remember, just as the Moon affects the tides, our bodies made mostly water, will feel this potent energy.

In ancient times a Leo Blood Moon was seen as a time for the king’s reign to end and energetically connected to endings, resolutions, completions, and rebirth in the areas of leadership, family, and creativity.


The powerful energy of Leo draws our focus, our attention to our emotions, with a strong influence on our private lives.  As Leo is about confident Self-expression, it is also joined by the energy of this New Age of Aquarius, which embraces a calmer approach.  We are not fully in this New Age, so we have a combination of forces, as the end of the Piscean Age continues to purge the Old outdated ways.

This is a perfect time during this event to bring the focus of Self-Care.  As we need this human form, so being kind and gentle with yourself is particularly prevalent this weekend. Take time for Quiet activity, Contemplation, Meditation, Prayer requests, and Positive intentions.

As all healing will be amplified at this time.

The Moon of Leo helps you move forward as it illuminates the old in need of shedding, of letting go.  Allow Leos energy of release, be open to new perspectives, new thought patterns.

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A new way has been waiting to Emerge, to Transform, to allow a higher state of expression within us to Evolve.

Peace and Blessings, Carol