Symbol Of A Spiritual Journey

The Sailing symbolism represents a Spiritual Voyage, with the water embodying the source of All life, the embodiment of Spirituality, the Spiritual Wisdom of the Soul’s journey.

The symbolism of Sailing can represent – a New beginning, of exploring the Realms of Spirit that bring a deeper level of Consciousness.

Spirit is calling you – to re-awaken – to begin a more in-depth knowledge of your Higher Self and Purpose.

The Sea of Life can be quite calm, but it also can change so suddenly, with the waves that represent Life’s sudden obstacles, hardships.  As you work with the currents of Life, and not against them, you allow the Spiritual waters to flow within, creating a Vibrational Shift.  As you gain a clear understanding, a vision of your true Path.  More easily able to withstand Life in it’s rawest form.

You now Maneuver with ease – through the Adverse conditions of Life.

Who Is Steering Your Boat?

Boat symbolism takes an in-depth look at where you have been, and the direction you wish to Go.  Are You steering the boat, or is Your Ego in charge of – your Direction – your Path – your Course in Life?

The boat is the symbolic vehicle that enables the Journey, the vehicle of Faith, of Trust.  That you are indeed supported on this Courageous  embarking across the Seas of your Desires.

Your Navigational System is your Intuition, when your Higher Self is at the realm it knows the best Course.  The Direction for your Life’s Purpose, your Highest Good.  Your gained Trust in your Intuition, allows your Life to flow with Ease, on the Soul’s Divine Course.

A profound Testament of Being in the Present.

Spiritual Sailing – A State Of Awareness

Your Higher Self leads, bringing a renewed confidence, less blocked, hearing clearly your Guidance as you re-claim your Power.  As new experiences Manifest, a state of Peace and Joy flows through each experience of Life, as you maneuver gracefully.  No longer racing aimlessly through Life without a compass.

The Winds of Awareness represent the Spirit, the Universal breath of its Soul.  As the powerful Wind swirls, whispering the messages of Guidance on your Journey.  They Sing to your Soul, as they comfort you along your Path of Self-Discovery.  Prompting questions of Deeper awareness to fine tune your Journey. Thoughts to determine if this is indeed your Course.

  • Where am I going?
  • What is my ultimate Goal?
  • How am I navigating through life?
  • Are the Seas Calm or Rocky?
  • Or – Are they full of uncharted Adventure and Growth?

Life’s waters become Still, Calm, as your direction becomes as clear as the waters you Sail!

You trust your insightful tools with Faith in your Intuition, your Mind now quiet to Navigate your course moving forward through this Journey.

As you Calmly with Ease Sail by.

“Nothing gives me as much Joy as the sailing boat of my Silent Heart.”  Rumi

Peace and Blessings, Carol