Sensing: Energy

Channeled Message From - Goddess Diana

Sensing: Energy

Spiritual Beings having a Human experience.

An Awakening Transition is upon each at different levels of their Evolution.  All are capable of Sensing Energy and Interpreting the owner of that Energy.

With Empathic and Sensitive qualities, being able to distinguish between Your energies and those of Others is extremely valuable.  Without this knowledge you take on the Energies of Others, believing they are your Own!

Knowing and separating your Own Energy is necessary for this current transition.

Still Reflection

In Stillness feel the energy within your Thoughts, the gained Trust in when you Hear from this State of Stillness.

Guidance flows like the rays of the warms sun, filter in a sense of calm.  All negative emotions become free, cleared from the emotions of others.  As you evolve, your energy has also been elevated, others energy will feel uncomfortable.

Stillness is a valuable time that teaches you to decipher your energies, from others.

You gain clarity as you untangle from the unmanaged cords of others.  From this Vantage Point of understanding, you clearly see Your choices.

Take time with this process.

You teach your filtering system to process and clear what is not needed – a partnership, a perfect working system.

An Internal Change

You recognize the valuable of self reflective, your conscious level increases, guided by the Wisdom of your Higher Self.  You find Peace.  As you define and trust the messages you receive.

Ask for Guidance, Assistance as you Journey.  When you Redirect your Energy appropriately, you separate what is necessary.

You have the Power to project energy through your thoughts.  Create what you desire for this lifetime as you Honor who you are.

Meditation is a valuable tool to quiet the mind and align with your Guides vast information.  Be patient with this process, it will surely become the most important tool of your Lifetime.

Select a specific time, when you are in a calm state, relaxed, with time to clear and quiet your mind.  All experience this process differently.

The Process

As your Guides learn how you Handle this Energy, the connection will deepen over time.

In the beginning, you may not hear verbal responses.  As you continue to develop your abilities and expand your level of Consciousness, the connection increases.

Once you increase your awareness, answers will come forward.  Journal what you receive, as their answers may not make sense until some time later.  Often validated through unexpected avenues.

Look for their signs!

Journals allows you to Witness your progress.  Remember to date your insights.

Guides are always available when you call, be patient, it’s a learning process for all.

Channeled Message From – Goddess Diana

Peace and Blessings, Carol