Relationships: Foundations For A Lifetime

Message From Carol

Relationships: Foundation For A Lifetime

Relationships – Support System

One might say, that the building principles we incorporate for the foundation of a home, are much like the ones needed to support and secure the strength of your Relationships.

Relationships must be built on firm footings, as they are only as strong as what lies beneath.

What Lies Beneath Your Foundation?

As the health of a trees root system is essential for their nourishment and support, so too is the importance of what lies below the foundation of all relationships.

When we carry from our Past, unresolved trauma, anger, resentment, and pain, ultimately all can decay and rot.  Compromising a foundations strength, sometimes irreversibly.

In a perfect world, clearing past issues before we begin a relationship, is a more honest and profound approach.  However, it is Never too late to begin this valuable lesson.

Listen For Inner Guidance

When we unsuccessfully try to ignore our Inner Guidance, not able to look or address our fears, soon our Inner Guidance’s voice begins to Scream for our attention.  The path then, becomes Rocky until we face our cloaked demons!

Realize that Paint and Spackle can only mask cosmetically.  The deeper issues will remain, disrupting our Peace until they are acknowledged.

The Unforeseen

Unresolved Traumas continue to come forward, taking many different often Crippling avenues until they are recognized and addressed.

This action may seem unnecessary, when no apparent problems are visible at first glance.  Realize, as with any Building Project, an overlooked step will inevitably be cause for concern.

Cracks begin to appear, perhaps slowly at first, that eventually threaten all Future successes, that can leave permanent scars.

Gambling On The Odds

We are not characters in a Storybook, why then, leave to chance, our Wishes, our Dreams, our Relationships.  Our Precious Life.  A life that deserves the necessary support to withstand the many challenges that Life will bring.

Perseverance and foresight, strength and desire are how we become one with our Foundation for a Lifetime.  Our gained self-awareness through this process, affords a sense of Security and Pride.  Knowing we created a Sustainable setting for all Future Growth.

Investing In Our Self-Worth

Looking bravely Face to Face into the depths of darkness, that lie beneath the foundation can be daunting.  Perhaps yours like mine, was a foundation built on quicksand.

It was years before I was able to finally, face the demons under my bed.  Old and tattered as they were, in an odd way they were familiar, they held the secrets and the shame from my childhood.

The secrets of My Shadow-Self that only they knew.

I Didn’t Break – I Didn’t Die

All the pain and shame I thought I had hidden in the depths of my mind, began to come out of the closet, into the forefront of my thoughts.  It was not easy, but I knew it was finally time for me to face them.

Now through My Eyes as an Adult.

No longer did I need to face this alone.  Perhaps I was never meant to.  As the fog of my life began to lift, I realized that the shame I carried for far too long, was Never mine to claim.

I now see the reflection of a smiling face, the Little girl in me, so Brave, so Courageous, now Safe, now Free.

You see, we are never alone in our Self-imposed darkness.  As we break free, we realize we always had the ability to see the Light of Guidance along Our Path.

Showing us the way Home.

No, we were not alone, through our Journey we found Peace.

A Foundation To Build Upon

Divine blueprints, make perfect sense to Our Divine Architects!

Indeed, Homes are like Relationships, even the Relationship with Ourselves.  All require, deserve, these common elements.  With continued Care and Support, we protect all we so Lovingly constructed.

A place to house Our Dreams.

A Life we can fill with the fond Memories, we missed through the darkness of the past.  The future Memories to come will grow more fulfilled with the rubbish removed.  Time well spent, the Path is illuminated, we reclaim our Joy, our Laughter, our Peace.

I am grateful there is no Expiration Date, on Personal Growth.

Peace and Blessings, Carol