Raising Your Vibration: To Attract

Channeled Message From - Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael reminds you that - Your Vibration level – Your Reality – are formed by your – Thoughts – Words – Emotions. What are you attracting?

Raising Your Vibration: To Attract

Shift Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration level, is how your Reality is formed.  A Shift is necessary to replace negative thinking patterns that halt your desires.  Your Vibration must be compatible with your chosen Desires.  Your Vibration is composed of thoughts, as a Being of Pure Light Energy, you are both a Transmitter and Receiver of signals.

What signal are you broadcasting?  Is yours ​Positive, radiating from a place of Happiness and Joy? 

Thought defined –  Thought attracts, one must replace limiting or self-destructive (“negative”) thoughts with more empowered, adaptive (“positive”) thoughts.  You attract from that Signal, Negative attracts Negative, and so on…

Frequency defined –  Frequency plays a huge roll in our everyday existence, it is the Energy force that attracts situations and experiences into your Energy Field.

You attract, signal, from your current Energetic State of Being, attracting compatible Vibrations.  Raising your Vibration to experience more Joy in your Life, begins with Present Moment Living.

The Best Intentions

Your Energy image, is a combination that shows the signal you broadcast, exposing the Vibration you emit.  Most negative thoughts and emotions are from living in the past, not in the present moment.  When you begin to live in your Current Time-Zone, you will begin to raise you vibration.  As you become more aware of how your thoughts and emotions of the past, you will notice a dip in your mood.

You begin to notice your body sending signals, to teach you to retrain your thoughts to move to the positive.  The moment you Shift to a place of Joy, this is the State for Manifesting, the aligned Higher Vibration, the Universe’s natural State of Attraction.

Intentions are the seeds of your desires, they Grow as you Grow and Shift.  Soon, they too manifest into more than Desires, as your desires shift to a life worth living to the fullest.

A Life of Peace and Joy become the top of your list, and Gratitude for all you have, becomes the Wings.

Expanded Consciousness

From an expanded Life View, solutions, are viewed from a higher Vantage point.  Life’s difficulties from this Vibration Shift, are resolved from an new perspective.

…similar to a counselors visit, they witness issues from their trained perspective, you too can be that witness, as you open to new possibilities, new potential.

When frustrated, take a step back, see the bigger picture.  Allow a flow of Positive energy to engulf your Being, this creates a match to the same within.

The Frequency signals you are fine tuning to incorporate into your ability to Manifest, are also an excellent practice for a Life of Peace and Joy.  As you increase your vibration, they no longer remain a temporary Shift, they become a Long-term Shift.

Raising Your Vibration Enhancers

  • Meditate – Focus on your breathing, a Natural Cell Enhancer
  • Relive – A Wonderful, happy moment with Gratitude
  • Nature – The Great Outdoors embrace the Gifts
  • Daydream – See your future, your dreams from a state of Gratitude and Belief
  • Physically Engage – With a Pet or Child, feel their unconditional Love
  • Energy Boost – Listen to Music, Sing and Dance
  • Smile – A powerful Mood Enhancer
  • Live – In the Present, your current Time-Zone

Seeing the Enjoyment in your Life, is your Greatest Shift Enhancer.

A Life that makes – your Heart – your Soul – Sing?

Channeled Message From – Archangel Michael

Peace and Blessings, Carol

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