Obstacles: Emotional Weeds

A Message From - Carol

Obstacles: Emotional Weeds

Seeds To Ponder

The rain and sun have blessed your soil ready to be planted with your Dreams.  Ever vigilant, a successful gardener takes notice as weeds appear, once hidden from sight, lying dormant in the fertile ground.  Yet, Emotional Weeds are often unattended, with a habit of making surprise visits!

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Weeds also need attention, when left unattended they can starve other plants of their necessary water and light.  Hindering their Growth.

Life Distracts

Soon a new seedling begins to sprout, and you forget the necessary task of tending to these weeds. Is this a seedling of a healthy plant that flowers, that can handle the harshness of winter and the heat of summer?

Or…are these but Emotional Weeds growing from years of avoiding the negative emotions, now beginning to sprout as you prepare your garden to weather the harsh season ahead?

“There is no greater teacher than Nature: one moment, a storm, the next, stillness…By embracing Her teachings we mature into Wisdom.”  Ann Mortifee

Obstacles Teach

Your Perception in all situations can transmute, when you begin to see the Obstacles in your Life, as opportunities in Disguise.

As you examine further you realize – They are the buried emotions, in need of Love, Forgiveness, and Understanding to flourish.  Weeds too are part of your Garden, as we recognize and clear what is no longer needed, we gain space for new Seeds.  Seeds that will Blossom, bare Fruit and Sustain the Garden for a Lifetime.

When not addressed through avoidance, they consume valuable space and become unmanageable.  Through Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance, you germinate positive emotions.

Prepare with care the Dreams, the Hopes you wish to nurture and bring to Fruition in this Life.

An Empowering Journey

When you lovingly tend to the Garden of your Soul, it Blooms, infused with Hope!

Once obstacles, this simple plot of land now flourishes under your watchful eye, with the promise it now brings for the Renewal of your Soul. Nature teaches that all Gardens contain weeds, with loving care we bask in the warmth of the Light, and grow to our True Potential.  In the stillness of the fertile soil, a seedling buds, soon the petals of the Flower unfold.

Life’s reward.

Peace and Blessings, Carol