My Life As: An Intuitive Channel

A Message From - Carol

My Life As:

An Intuitive Channel

My Awakening

In 1974, as I sat at the dining room table alone, in the home of my boyfriend’s family, something odd happened. 

When everyone left to do errands, I took a shower, put some clothes in for washing and borrowed his mothers robe.  I decided to write a letter to my mother, as I began, with my back to the kitchen, I heard cabinet doors banging and pots clanging.  A bit frightened, I turned around, only to find, that nothing had been disturbed. 

The doors were closed, no pots were on the floor.

Confused, I continued with my letter…Until…it happened once again.  I immediately stopped writing and left the Dining room.

Home At Last

As soon as they arrived, I told them of the peculiar incident I witnessed.  I added, since this was Florida, perhaps a large snake had found its way into the cabinets.

Their behavior was shocking, as they began to roar with laughter, I just starred in awe.  My boyfriend’s father explained how his wife did Automatic writing – a form of Channeling messages from Spirit.  He further explained, she did her writing in the same chair, wearing the same bathrobe.

I now recognize that this incident documents my First experience with Channeling, something I would not fully understand for many years to come.

I discovered she had so many books on the subject, and I absorbed them all.  Titles such as, Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, a Clear Channel; Ruth Montgomery, who Channeled through Automatic writing.

I was Hooked.

Something deep in my Soul Awakened.  I came to realize much later, that this event was My Pathfinder.  Something within, remembered the many past lives I lived as a Clear Channel.

A Path On Hold

After my stay, I returned to NJ only to learn that my brother George was doing poorly, his drug habit had worsened.  For months after my return, I Intuitively felt that someone close was going to die.  No names were given, but this feeling of dread was intense.

One October day in 1974, months after the feelings began, I came home to find my brother passed out at the bottom of the stairs, from an overdose.

I called for an ambulance, he was taken to the hospital in time to save his Life.

Relieved that it wasn’t my brother I needed to worry about, convinced that this feeling of dread would soon pass.

It Did Not…

The Feeling Continued…

December of that same year, four days after George’s 20th birthday – we lost My brother.  George died of a drug overdose, alone in his apartment.

I, his Big sister was not there to protect him that dreadful night.

Filled with guilt, blamed by my grieving mother, coupled with my anger at God, I abandoned My gifts.  Intuitively knowing someone was going to transition to the other side, and not knowing who, was more than I could bare. 

I angrily spoke, that from this point on, I do not wish to have these Gifts any longer.

Life’s Twists

In 2003, fifteen years ago, I felt a strong pull to reconnect with my Spiritual Journey.  At that point we were living in South Carolina, just miles from where my brother, myself and our Mother would vacation for two weeks each summer.  We, along with Cousins, Aunts and Uncles, vacationed on Folly Beach.  A beautiful unspoiled beach to get Spoiled by the love of family!

They have since passed, and Hurricane Hugo has taken the house we shared each summer, but nothing can take those beautiful memories. 

To my surprise, one of my first Spiritual assignments in South Carolina, was to help Aunt Effie into the Light. 

She had died many years prior, but remained an Earth Bound Spirit, her anger had kept her from crossing over all those many years!  She and I talked like old friends, mostly at the kitchen window of my home.

The perfect place, her Love of Family and Friends was shown each night, through her Southern cooking!

I spoke of her loved ones still waiting for her to cross.  After a few days,she was ready to join her family.

The Gift Of Hypnotherapy

During a session with my Hypnotherapist, I learned my brother George had not crossed over.  He had been with me all these many years, also as an Earth Bound Spirit.

I asked the therapist, how could I not feel him? She replied, his energy was so familiar to you, you never felt any change.

One day in 2007, less than a month after I learned George was with me, he began to communicate.  As I spoke with him, asking if he was ready to enter the Light, I shockingly realized, he was Not aware he had passed and began to Sob.

We both cried, as I continued to comfort him.  As I did, I could feel Aunt Effie’s energy, she was waiting for him in the Light.  As I was not Clairvoyant at the time, I could not see her, but I felt her presence.

I asked George if he could see her, and if he did, it was time for him to go to her.

I assured him that she was there to comfort him, that she and I both loved him, and that we would see each other again.

In An Instant

He was gone, he joined Aunt Effie.  The energy of My brother George was gone, I felt his absence, intensely!

A few years ago I discovered George was My Guardian Angel.  While it is not common for a deceased Loved One to transition to this State after passing, it does happen.

The unexpected Joy of connecting with George in this way…I remain eternally Grateful.

George has been doing amazing Healing work on the other side. 

George has since moved on, assisting another Soul, but he still checks in from time to time.  Often using a specific song that we share, to let me know he is here!

One day he thanked me, repeating what I had heard, but was skeptical of.  George explained, that the work We do here in the physical to advance on Our Path, assists Our deceased loved ones on the other side.

How Beautiful is that!!!

My Spiritual Studies

I was told often that I was a Channel.  Others saw many past lives where I was Channeling Angels, lives that did not end well.  Much suffering, harm and death befell upon me and those I taught.  Betrayal by other jealous peers, was often the case.

This suffering and death happened in so many lifetimes, that fear had attached to my Soul, causing me to avoid my Gifts for Lifetimes.

Fear felt so intensely that even in this Lifetime, as my abilities began to re-awaken, I felt tremendous Fear!

The comfort of my Souls secret, so neatly tucked away, was now exposed.  Fear at a Soul level, was like living in the skin of another for protection, and having this protective veil lifted.  

With Spirits Guidance, leading me to the perfect Teachers and Healers, I was able to Trust My Truth, and Embrace my Gift, as a Clear Channel.  It’s Who I am, Who I was destined to be.

A New Beginning

As a commercial Interior Designer for over 30 years, this was an unexpected surprise, which I now fully embrace. 

When I re-started my ‘Spiritual Journey,’ with constant thoughts of What’s My path – My purpose – always questioning Spirit – hearing nothing.  I intensely read Books, Meditated, continued my Studies with Spiritual Healers and Teachers, unaware there was a plan!

As it all began to unfold I was able to embrace the Faith I needed, the Faith in their Guidance, the Faith in Myself.  With Divine Courage, My husband and I moved across country to Arizona, found the perfect home to renovate, sold our Southern home in two weeks.

Yes, they had a plan.

As my new life continues to unfold as a Clear Channel, I see my Life’s Journey, with all its Joys, Hardships and Lessons, has taught me so much more about My Courage – My Strength.  With gained Wisdom I now recognize the Gifts they brought to My Soul!

I Wish to share My Journey – Their Seeds of Wisdom, as we embark together, on a Soulful Journey through the Bumps and Joys of Life.

Soul Shifts that Unveil – Our true Potential, Our true Essence, Our Awakened Soul at Peace.

Our Transformation – Our Path to Enlightenment – Our Spiritual Awakening – Awaits!

Peace and Blessings, Carol