Light Beings: An Introduction

A Message From - Carol

Light Beings: An Introduction

Main Spirit Council: The Council Of 8

I am Honored to introduce the Light Beings I channel, bringing their Inspirational, Informative and Insightful Messages to you.  This collective team – The Light Reflections Team – combined with – Goddess Bast – Goddess Diana – Star Being Atar – together form the – Council of 8.

The Light Reflections Team:

Archangel Gabriel – “Messenger of God” He rules over all Angels of the 4th White Ray.  Represents Revelation, Purity, Creation, Resurrection, Wisdom, New beginnings, Knowledge, Truth and Life’s Purpose.  The Angel of Ascension.

Archangel Ariel – “Lioness of God” 3rd Ray, Pink or Rainbow Ray.  The Pink Ray represents Manifestation, Environment, Water Sprites, Fairies, Animals, Psychic abilities, Gratitude and keeps Nature’s secrets.

Archangel Raphael – “God who Heals” 5th Ray, Green Ray.  The Green Ray represents Balance, Vision of Truth, Healing, Supports all Healers and those on their Divine Path.

Archangel Michael“Who is as God” 1st Ray, Blue Ray.  The Blue Ray represents Protection, Personal Power, Strength and Divine Will.  Assists in one’s Life purpose.  {Can also be Red and Blue.}

Archangel Uriel “Fire of God”   6th Ray, Ruby Ray.  The Ruby Ray represents Love, Devotion, Spiritual Healing, and Earth.  Gifts of  Determination, Ideas, Intelligence, Divine Inspiration and Peace.

Additional Light Beings That Form: The Council Of 8

Goddess Bast“Goddess of Warfare”  Guardian Saint of Firefighters.  Represents Sensual pleasures, Protection of the household, Playfulness, Freedom of Expression, Helps others accept the True nature of things, to remain Unswayed by the Opinions of others.

Goddess Diana “Goddess of the Hunt” Represents the Moon, Wild animals, Childbirth, with the Power to speak to and control Animals, also associated with Nature.

Star Being Atar – “Pleiadian of the Pleiades Galaxy” He along with the Pleiadian Council, have been working here on Earth, within the Freewill framework, to assist as we Re-awaken during this time of Ascension.  Reminding us, we are Light Beings in Physical form.

Special Guests:

Ascended Master Serapis Bey “Divine Architect” – 4th Ray, White Ray.  The White Ray represents Purity, discipline, Joy, Ascension and the Ascension flame.

Archangel Metatron – “One who serves God”Guards the Tree of Life, Records good deeds into the Book of Life, also known as the Akashic Records.  Patron Angel of Children.

Ascended Master St Germain “Alchemist”Initially introduced The Violet Flame Meditation to a chosen few.  Later, he shared it with All of Humanity, to excel their Spiritual Growth, as it has the power to Transmute Karma.

Peace and Blessings, Carol