Jesus Christ - Master Teacher Of Nazareth

Message From - Carol

Jesus Christ – Master Teacher Of Nazareth

God In Embodiment – The Sacred Christ

“May we embrace the gifts of Jesus Christ, to witness the thorns of our lives through His Loving, Forgiving Eyes.”  Carol

His life was not one of worship, it was one of service to God.  Jesus was not birthed, to be worshiped as God, but of God.  Our brother in flesh, the embodiment of God, the Divine manifestation of Who We Are!  His presence was not a call for Religious conversion, but to embrace this opportunity to Heal our lives here on Earth, encouraging us with examples of His life while here!  Jesus’ life was not one of Religious exclusion, but of inclusion for All Religions, and those who claimed none.  His life was one of unifying Humankind, rather than one that would divide it.

This was the message through Him, from Our Father God.

Those who darn the Royal crowns of gold denotes their dominion over the World.  The Spiritual Symbolism of Jesus’ simple crown of thorns denotes dominion over Oneself.  The symbolic act that directs our Self-Will Inward toward Self-Awareness.

The path is Dominion over Oneself, rather than over the World.

Many have forgotten our true birthright, as a Divine child of a Loving God.  We are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience for our Souls Growth and Development.  For Our goal is not to ascend from Earth.  Our mission is to bring Spiritual Awareness onto the Earth, for all to experience their Divine Birthright, their relationship with their Higher Being within.

The Teachings Of Jesus

“Jesus was both Man and God until He became God alone.”  Edgar Cayce

Jesus’ mystical teachings represent the birth of Christ Consciousness.  When we look closely at the life of Jesus, we witness through his stories a window into Our Soul – opening Our eyes, Our minds to Higher possibilities, with limitless awareness.  Showing how we too, embody the power to widen our view through His example.

Over 2,000 years ago Jesus stated that it was indeed possible for man to reconcile here in this world with God.  He too spoke of the God in the sky, as that was the conscious level of the time.  He set the very stage which we find ourselves today with greater awareness.

His Powerful teachings opened us to the concept of the Kingdom of God within each of Us.

Our Turning Point

His Soul came to show man the way to return to Our Spiritual Source, the awareness imprinted upon our Soul waiting to awaken by Our Will.  Jesus came to provide insight, examples and counsel, so we too could embrace our relationship with God the Father.  The relationship we share with our brother Jesus and All our Brothers and Sisters.

As through Him, He shared God the Father, Our Father with Us!

Jesus’ unshakable Love for his Father God enlarges our hearts with the unconditional love of a Loving God.  Meditate in the silent Temple of your Heart, your Soul in the Divine Presence, brings us ever closer to Our Father God.

An act of Penance as put forth is an invalid understanding.  Penance is the act of focusing our awareness Inward upon Oneself through Self-Reflection.  To accept ourselves in our entirety, the Journey to our True-Self.  When we humbly look inward without judgement, we find the path to Redemption, Forgiveness, and Compassion within that transcends to All.

So we too can overcome our weaknesses, our shortcomings, our problems through the Transformative Power of Christ Consciousness.

“He who conquers himself conquers much.” Jesus

The Dawning Of Christ Consciousness

Our Divine Birthright…

…to understand the Universal Omnipresent force is in All, our God Self.  We but only need to believe to connect to this Divine Power, this Divine Grace once we embody the Will, the Capacity to receive this gift.  The Opening of our Minds to the greater possibilities through limitless awareness, to behold our Immortal Self.

The resurrection of our Eternal Divinity.  The Christ Consciousness present in every Soul!  The very part of us that is the perfect expression of God.  The Human mind that acknowledges the Divine within, awakens their Soul to Christ Consciousness.

“To commune daily with God in deep meditation, and to carry His love and guidance with you into all your dutiful activities, is the way that leads to permanent Peace and Happiness.” Paramahansa Yogananda

This Dawning of Consciousness is both Liberating and Joyful.

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

Awakening Christ Consciousness

A new way of thinking, adjusting to shed conditioned beliefs, one must clear the mind to attain greater levels of Spiritual understanding.  Our turning point comes when we see ourselves as one with our Higher Being and raise our lives, our consciousness.  Knowing we are offspring of God, the Brothers and Sisters of Jesus.  Complete & Whole, for Christ is the Universal State of Consciousness designed by God, the way to rise above separateness and return to Oneness.

Our raised consciousness unlocks the Portal one by one, or by the thousands, as we obtain the embodiment of Christ Consciousness as the extension of the Creator.

As we embrace this Truth…My Creator and I are One!

May his example inspire and strengthen your Faith in his magnificent Light, knowing His journey was for Humanity to awaken, to know, that the Christ Consciousness in His Heart, His Soul, is also in each of Us!

Our Many Divine Gifts Through The Act Of Forgiveness

Jesus’ life offered far more than Forgiveness.  He was the bridge between Man & God, so we too would know God’s Love through the altar of Forgiveness, Acceptance & Love.  A Soulful practice to awaken Our Inner Christ Self.

His last breaths were an act of his Mercy and Forgiveness, as he on the cross spoke to His Father.  He asked for forgiveness for those who would put him to death.  A Loving Act of Grace to those who would harm him, but more wisely was his plea for All Humanity!   Showing Humanity All are worthy of being bathed in the cloth of Forgiveness.

“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.  Father forgive them, show them the merciful Heart of God.”  Jesus

His resurrection represents the potential of Our rebirth, Our salvation, a renewal of Faith.  For the return of Christ Consciousness takes place within Us.  As we practice forgiveness with our fellow brothers and sisters, we begin to see Christ within Ourselves and All Humankind.

The first coming manifested through flesh, through Jesus.

The second takes place within, revealed in the Eyes and Hearts of each of us, as we practice Love and Forgiveness.  It is through this practice, we learn to see each other as an embodiment of God and awaken Our Inner Christ Self.

Such is the power of God in Action Through Us, Carol