Illuminating Super Moon In Virgo ~ Sun In Pisces ~ The Powers Of March

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Awakening To New Earth

Illuminating Super Moon In Virgo ~ Sun In Pisces ~ The Powers Of March

Soon the last step of our dance with Mercury Retrograde ends on March 10, with ten days of lesser after-shocks.  During our dance, she partnered with the Sun in Pisces, so don’t remove your dancing shoes just yet!  As the Illuminating Super Moon in Virgo continues this Cosmic Dance!

Mercury Retrograde

Retrogrades tend to show us the importance of a more inwardly oriented look, rather than an outwardly directed one.  Mercury is the planet of communication, that rules our minds, our thoughts, and our ability to think clearly.  In so doing, it assists us to tune in and listen to our inspirational guidance.  We gain an enhanced skill as communicators.

As our outer world is chaotic, it is our inner world guiding us to go within and look more carefully at how we are using our minds.  As Mercury completes her travel time with Pisces, we begin to feel a renewed sense of willpower and strength of mind.  

Are we using our mind to its full potential, or wasting our power on thoughts that do not serve?

Sun In Pisces

The Sun in Pisces began February 18, ending March 19.  The sun visits a new zodiac sign every 30 days, this season in Pisces, an enchanted sign. The zodiac’s deep-diving fish that directs our attention to ‘What Lies Beneath.’ 

She will continue to guide through reliable spiritual insights and messages.  The water sign of spiritual oneness, love without conditions, as the Mystical God of the Seas, Neptune, her guardian.  

A time of introspection, to go within, to reflect on the past, and take time to celebrate the journey.  To accept what’s come, and acknowledge the opportunities these trying times bestowed.  As we close the season of Pisces, Saturn moves and creates a planetary shift.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma, so when it changes signs, it signifies the end of a profound karmic lesson.  One we may have been working through for 2 or more years.

What Is In Need Of Releasing To Move Forward?

Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac governs all that needs to be released!  She illuminates where we may have fallen into Victim Consciousness.  Her message explains we are not here for Self-Sacrifice, we through Self-Love, heal our wounds, we teach others through our Self-Expression and Humanity.

With each release, there is expansion, but all require trust. We are trusting that our Life is unfolding in divine order, the tapestry of creation.  What emerges is tender new growth, the seedling that births new dreams and wishes, a time for new beginnings to manifest, as we allow the flow with trust and courage. 

As we surrender to the Gods, we dream of alternative avenues to follow our passions.  Pisces is the waters that flow through the creative womb, as our time in Pisces will soon birth into the creative energies of Virgo!  

Dancing Shoes Still On?

Inward Illumination“Each moment is an opportunity to begin anew, so that Life can be forever fresh and vital.  Whatever it is you have been chasing, let it wait.  Don’t force, allow.  Don’t rush, relax.”  Ann Mortifee

Virgo, the element of Earth, shines the Super Moon of Virgo on March 9, Worm Moon, the official start of Spring.  A luminary as the 1st Super Moon of 3 consecutive Super Moons.

Although the end of Mercury’s retrograde, Virgo’s Full Moon will be challenging.  Mercury, her ruling planet, enters on the 16th, creating heightened illumination. These two highly potent energies allow for a more in-depth view of the higher wisdom. 

What Are You Not Paying Attention To – What Signs Are You Pushing Away?

Illuminating Moon shines a more intense light on the synchronistic trail of breadcrumbs we have overlooked.  Breadcrumbs that lead to new, enhanced, and honest Self-Reflections to assist in healing and expanding our Spiritual Awakening.

Honor Your Healing Journey

March’s Illuminating Super Moon in Virgo prepares us for the beginning of a new astrological year.  A year that begins on the Equinox later the same month.  We must take note that before we can step forward on this new path opening, acceptance is required for where we currently stand TODAY.  We must accept our past, our traumas, our pains, our grief, our mistakes, our triumphs, Our Story, to more forward!  

I Accept –
  • all the circumstances of my Life.
  • what is currently in my Life.
  • and Release the Past.
  • and Release Old Grudges.

I accept knowing that the more I acknowledge the circumstances of my life, the more I step out of Ego and into the path of the Heart.

Time to Embrace the clearing Path this Illuminating Moon in Virgo offers.  To take the first step forward and accept her supportive energy.  


Energetic Theme For March – Discernment

This month is about managing our time, resources, emotions, and energy.  A time to commit to our intentions, to set appropriate boundaries, and become clear on who we spend our time. Discernment is our ability to use good judgment regarding our choices, our emotions, our thoughts and decisions.  Discernment will be especially important in regards to our relationships, past, present and future.

These current times will continue to challenge our fears and reactions.  Discernment is about healthy choices, what feels right to you, what rings true.  We need to stay on our side of the street this month, as we often peer over the fence to others, to avoid our own backyard.

These are not earth-shattering suggestions, just an alternate approach this month.  A more refined approach, knowing we are always a part of the collective.  However, if we handle our fears, our own side of the street, we create a positive effect for all of our relations.

Energetic Offerings

The energy of Virgo and ruling planets heighten our intuition and our communication. Encouraging us to transcend the physical, to witness life through the lens of our Higher-Self, our Soul.  When we step out from our human lens, we see even for a moment, our divine Spiritual-Self.

When we listen to the Wisdom of our Soul, we hear.  Knowing the more challenging our experience, the higher our growth.  We honor this Illuminating Super Moon in Virgo, as she continues to prepare us for this new chapter in our Spiritual Awakening. 

Embrace the Cosmic Dance,