Messages From – Archangels

Positive: Growth

When a situation brings feelings that trigger a strong reaction, be thankful when they appear, as they can be gifts, Pennies from Heaven, to assist you in looking...

It’s Time: To Shine

We have sprinkled many Seeds of Wisdom, along your Life path, nurture and tend to your Spiritual Garden, and watch Your Life Blossom. Your radiant Light is...’s time to Shine.

Your True: Potential

A Life of Abundance, Joy and Love encompasses the Energy of excitement for the life you are meant to live. Live within the energy of Gratitude for all you have, not...

Living: With Your Gifts

Empaths are able to sense, when others are uncomfortable or troubled, a gift that does not imply that you must do something. Others may need to reflect on their feelings as part...

Recognize Your: Gifts

Many Empaths, who have not realized or understand their enhanced qualities, can experience sudden Mood swings, that are not their own. The need to remain grounded is important, many have...

My Life Infinite: Possibilities

You possess a "Divine Connection," as Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. As you Journey through this life, seek this awareness to reunite with your Spiritual Path - a Path to Awareness, to Remembering - Your Infinite Possibilities.