Archangel Ariel

Living: With Your Gifts

Empaths are able to sense, when others are uncomfortable or troubled, a gift that does not imply that you must do something. Others may need to reflect on their feelings as part...

Recognize Your: Gifts

Many Empaths, who have not realized or understand their enhanced qualities, can experience sudden Mood swings, that are not their own. The need to remain grounded is important, many have...

Creator: The Source

All experience life in many versions of Infinite Source Creator, yet you remain the Collective consciousness of the Universal Soul. To further dissolve the illusions of separation and Unite to this Truth..

Lessons: Along The Way

You continue along your Path, feeling connected, Receiving new Gifts from your Lessons. All is well. Then you hear, I've got this, I now understand how it all works. Say Hello to the Ego...