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Sensing Energy As An Empath – A Sensitive

Through our Journey, our traumas, we gain immense understanding and compassion, often this empathy is gained from the traumas of the child's early years. It is often our deepest Wounds that reflect who we are, and often our Life Path, as an Empath[...]

Guidance: From Beyond The Physical

Love transcends from the Spirit world to the Physical and Vise Versa. A relationship that was negative in the Physical world can be repaired while they are on the other side, as Forgiveness transcends both [...]

Lifetimes A Choice Of Life Experiences To Evolve

Your Soul is Immortal, returning to learn through Core Lessons of past incarnations to Ascend to a Higher plane. Your Soul will continue to return to resolve issues such as Anger and Regret until[...]

Abundance: Vibration Of Love Without Conditions

Believe that your Goals are possible, release the limitations from your conscious mind, the 3D Mind. Visualize your Dreams achieved within the Frequencey of Gratitude, knowing they are on their way. As your Heart is filled[...]

Vibration To Attract Soulful Aligned Frequencies

As Co-Creators, your Emotional Indicators are the GPS system needed to Guide you through Life experiences, negative thoughts that creep into focus can easily confuse the Universe of your desires, halting their path[...]

The Soul’s: Journey Intuitively Guided

Allow the Messages and Guidance of those in Spirit to become second nature, as you Evolve and Grow, you bridge the Physical and the Spiritual. All experiences are an essential part of Creation, do not be bound by Physical[...]