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Illuminating Super Moon In Virgo ~ Sun In Pisces ~ The Powers Of March

Illuminating Super Moon in Virgo shines a more intense light on the synchronistic trail of breadcrumbs we have overlooked.  Breadcrumbs that lead to new Self-Realizations, healing, and enhancing our Spiritual Awakening. As March's Illuminating Moon in Virgo prepares us for the beginning of a new astrological year.  A year that begins on the Equinox[...]

Relationships: The Magic Ingredient Is Self-Love

Clearing past issues before we began a Relationship, include a brave look at ourselves, our masks. The masks created to protect our Shadows must be faced, accepted, forgiven and loved! Or these deep issues will remain, disrupting the Peace & our Self-[...]

Obstacles: Healing Emotional Weeds Of Trauma With Self-Reflection

When you lovingly tend to the Garden of your Soul through Self-Reflection, clearing the Emotional Weeds, the Emotional Clutter you infuse your Soul with Hope, obstacles cleared, your Internal Garden now[...]

Healing With The Body Mind Spirit Connection

Our Body, our Cells hear everything we say, everything we think, that leave an imprint on our cells. When we continuously overload our Mind with negative thoughts from the past we continue to harbor, they lessen the positive imprints, creating[...]