Brotherly Love: In Spirit Has Been A Divine Gift To My Soul

A Message From - Carol

Brotherly Love: In Spirit Has Been A Divine Gift To My Soul

Love Has No Boundaries

As previously mentioned, my brother George transitioned after sometime on the other side, to be my Guardian Angel…Brotherly Love in Spirit.  George has done amazing work, and has since moved on to assist others.

George died of a drug overdose at the age of 20, he struggled with life as an abused child, who also had learning disabilities.  Long before learning disabilities were understood.  His death, was the most difficult loss of my young life, as we were very close until drugs took over his life.  He died 4 days after his 20th birthday, and honestly, I do not remember mine!

For less than two weeks each year, prior to my birthday, we were both the same age.

George’s main assignment on the other side after his Life Review, was to assist others with similar Life challenges.  He worked in Spirit, to Guide others, so Drugs and Alcohol did not become the outlet for their pain.

I could not be prouder of my brother!

While it is not common for a ‘Deceased Loved One’ to transition to this state after passing, it does happen, and for that I will always be Grateful.

The following event happened while George was still my Guardian Angel, before moving on to assist other Souls.  Due to George’s Love and Protection that day, I bring this teaching opportunity, on the issue of ‘Un-managed Energy.’

Our Gifts Bring Responsibility

For Ourselves and Others

Un-managed Energy

On this particular day, I was scheduled to Channel Deceased Loved Ones, and deliver the messages I received to a specific client.  After my week long class with another teacher that included extensive psychic work, it would have been a bit draining to focus on yet another consecutive day of Channeling.

I was still Moving Forward.

Thankfully,  My Brother Had Other Plans

Shortly before my class with Amanda, George came to her in Spirit, saying I could not channel that day, that I needed two weeks of rest to integrate what was learned in my class.

He showed her images of me in my other psychic class, an Un-managed Space, with cords flinging everywhere.  Thankfully, he was able to protect my Beam of Light from any attachments.

I Felt Very Protected During Class

The fact that George came to discuss the issue of cords with Amanda, did not surprise me.  In fact, I called in George before each class for Protection and Guidance.

Such a Divine Gift, knowing Love in Spirit, is Real and always Present!

He showed himself to my teacher as a Giant Transformer, whacking the Etheric cords, keeping them from attaching to my Light Channel.  Like a battle with Medusa.

Since the others in the class, were not aware of Cord attachments, how they should Clear them daily, this seemed the perfect time to educate from my Class experience.

Energetic Cords & Their Effect

As we connect with people daily, ‘Etheric Cords’ become attached, these attachments when allowed to remain, can drain energy, deplete your Chi (Life Force), leading to Imbalance on a Physical level.

The more attachments, the greater potential for issues to arise.

They slow your Vibrational Energy, as they Siphon your Energy.  Maintaining a Higher Vibrational Energetic State, more challenging.

Physical Signs Of Energetic Cording – Not Limited To
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Tired, drained, with flu-like symptoms
  • Feeling something is off
  • Irritable, without a real cause
Remove & Protect

There are many sites that give instructions on how to remove cords, and remain protected.  Here is a combination of suggestions I learned.

  • Dream time – Ask Archangel Michael to remove all Cords
  • Visualize – Yourself in a bubble of White light
  • Meditation – After Grounding & Clearing, ask Archangel Michael to place a blue cage of protection around you

Effective, whenever you may be in a similar Un-managed space.  The affect lasts 6 – 8 hours.

Alternate Method for Cord Removal

In my Daily Meditation, I added Cord removal to the Clearing portion.  If you do not See or Know the cord locations, Ask your Guides to remove them for you.  If you are able to see or know their locations, remember, we do not pull, yank nor cut cords, as they have roots.  Gently twist them from their location.  Ask your Guides to place golden Healing salve at the point of extraction, and send the cords to their right and perfect place. Thank them for their assistance.

…I then, continue with my Meditation…

As we all connect daily with loved ones, co-workers, clients etc, this is an excellent Daily practice that helps strengthen your connection, when you do reconnect.

Your connection is now cleared from yesterdays stall Energy.  A Higher Vibrational State, will be more easily maintained.

Peace and Blessings, Carol & George