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Spiritual Awakening: 22 Major Signs – The Path Of Soul-Infusion

Spiritual Awakening Process 22 Major Signs, catalysts to break through the personality (Ego) control. The 3 Stages, as the persona(s) masks soon fall away to unveil the True-Self, the Soul. The 3 Stages of Soul Infusion redirects to the Soul's expression, not the[...]

Who Is Guiding Your Spiritual Growth?

Learn to trust the guidance of Higher Realms to Light your Path, to Support and send Divine Guidance. To enable you to unite, and experience Enlightenment as the Soul. The main objective of Spiritual Growth is to[...]

Star Children Here To Heal Earth’s Energy

Many have chosen to be the parents of these gifted Star Children that are here to assist in Humanity's Awakening. You are essential in assisting these children to reach their Full Potential[...]

Evolve: Live In Unity Consciousness – The Vibration Of Love

Within the Light is information, the Expansion of Consciousness, there lives a frequency of pure Unconditional Love for All. Void of limitations, of outdated Beliefs that distract and bind Humanity[...]

Lessons: Along The Way To Soul Liberation

You continue along your Path, feeling connected, Receiving new Gifts from Lessons through Life experiences. All is well. Then you hear, I've got this, I now understand how it all works. Say Hello to the Ego[...]

The Gift: Now Seen As You Unburden Your Soul

One purpose of reincarnating, is to witness recurring challenges, Core Lessons, in a new Light, perhaps presented differently in this Lifetime, a higher vantage point of awareness, as your Soul[...]

It’s Time: To Shine Your Inner Light

We have sprinkled many Seeds of Wisdom, along your Life path, nurture and tend to your Spiritual Garden, and watch Your Life Blossom. Your radiant Light shines within for all to See[...]’s time to Shine.

My Life: Infinite Possibilities Awaken My Soul

You possess a "Divine Connection," as Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. As you Journey through this lifetime, seek the awareness that unites you with your Spiritual Path, a Path to Awareness, to [...]

What’s: Your Vibration?

Pay heed to your thoughts and actions, as they signal the level of your current state. When you begin hearing negative feelings such as - Fear - Anger, you are no longer in a high vibrational state[...]

Creator: The Source Of Divine Grace

All experience life in many versions of Infinite Source Creator, yet you remain the Collective consciousness of the Universal Soul. To further dissolve the illusions of separation and Unite to this Truth[...]