Abundance: Your New Reality

Channeled Message From - Archangel Raphael

Abundance: Your New Reality

Abundance – Defined as Bounty, Plentiful and Overflowing. 

Many relate these terms with Wealth, that too is correct, but it also embodies Joy, Peace, Forgiveness and Happiness.

“Abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune into.”  Wayne Dyer

How Do You Define Wealth?

Focus on your Desires, not what is Lacking, as lacking is what you will Manifest.

When you remain clouded by all that you believe is missing, you miss the bounty of Blessings before you.  The self-imposed Blinders of Distractions that shield the beauty around you.  Take time to look beyond the clouds, the blinders and see the hidden Glories in your Life.

Now seen, when the Blinders are removed.

Where To Begin

Nature calls are perfect, with sounds of water from a near by brook, the rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze.  You experience the warmth of the sun as you connect with Nature, your Family, your Pets.  All are reminders of the Abundance that exists in your Life.

Prescription For Peace – A No-Phone Zone
  • Walk With Nature, listen to the sounds of Nature
  • Walk With your Pet or Child
  • Drive With the Beauty of the surroundings

Silence is a Gift in this loud and busy World.  Try it for one day a weekend and see how you feel as you witness the very simple Blessings in Nature.  Your Body, your Mind, your Soul, all require more time to journey within this peaceful mindset of Gratitude and Abundance.

I Am So Blessed

Affirmation: “I release all Resistance to Abundance – I allow it to flow freely within me, Destined for my Highest Good.”

Reflect with Gratitude on the blessings in your Life.  As you live within the flow of Gratitude that originates from the Heart, you see your Blessings, as you energetically Shift.

Soon you become the Nursery where all your Desires Bloom.

The secret to Manifesting what you wish is to be in Alignment with what that is {Desire}.  To feel {Emotion} as if it is already in your Life is the Key {Gratitude}!

The Magic of Faith and Aligned Intentions

“Faith is not the belief that only good will come our way, Faith is the certainty that all things work together for good.  If our Desire is in Alignment with the right and natural flow of Nature, Miracles occur to bring that desire to Fruition.  

No matter what events may come our way, once an Aligned Intention is created, we remain quietly confident that Life is working its Magic. Every Obstacle, Disappointment or Setback is an essential Stepping-Stone along the path toward Fulfillment.”  Ann Mortifee

To Review:

Your Desire, gains momentum from the Emotion, the Faith attached to it, and Gratitude is the vehicle for your Desire.  Abundance manifests into your life through Relationships and Personal Growth, often may appear as obstacles, they together enhance your Spiritual Growth.

“Plant your Seeds with Love, water them with Gratitude, and Believe in your Heart they will Bloom.”

Channeled Message From – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings, Carol