A State Of: Growth Empowers The Soul To Awaken

Channel Message with - Archangel Ariel

A State Of: Growth Empowers The Soul To Awaken

Waiting For The Future?

Your Progress, your Soul Growth depends on knowing How to Participate in your Own Life.

Many believe they have no control over their destiny, their Path, their Life Purpose.  The truth is, you can have an intimate relationship with your Life when you chose to be an Active Participant.  When you are willing to be more than just an Observer.  Earth is a planet of Free Will, not no Will, it leaves the choices for you to align with your goals and your Life plan.  Nothing is finite, each day can Begin Anew, when you so choose!

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue Happiness.  You have to catch it yourself.”  Benjamin Franklin

Unhappiness exists in many who seem depleted by life, thinking all is out of their control.  Many have knowingly or unknowingly given the control of their Personal Power, their Life, away to others!


It is imperative that you check-in with your emotions and thoughts, as the Law of Attraction states, these unchecked feelings are seen as a Green Light to your Intentions. Receiving that which you do not wish, can become a misguided Pattern in your life.  This confusion explains the basis for clarifying all thoughts and emotions, as you Self create your experiences from them.

All Belief Systems, are established through your life experiences.  Many have become so ingrained into your beliefs, you now consider them as Truths.  As you evolve, so too must your Core Beliefs.  Needing realignment, redirection, to adjust and remain in balance with your Soul Growth.  Most beliefs became your mindset as a small child, by parents and others, that came from their guardians.  Sine those were very different times, different conscious levels they no longer align.

Think of your Belief Systems as you do your Electronic devices.  How often do you update these devices?  Perhaps it’s time to Value your Life as you do the devices that run them!

Just a Thought!

As all responses to All situations are under your control, they continually need to be updated as you Evolve.  A GPS system is constantly revised to assist you in moving about with ease.  So too must you continue to Realign, Redirect, and Revise your system to remain current with the Goals of your Life plan as you Evolve.

Compass Of Intentions

Joy is the barometer that your Path steadily follows to align with Source, through this deeply felt feeling flows your Intentions, they align with your Emotions, such as Joy.  When your Path feels in balance you feel inspired, when your Solar Plexis, your Gut feels off balance, this is a clear sign that a Redirect is required.  It’s telling you without words that: This does not align, feel in balance with your Life’s direction, your Path.

Listen to your Body, it gives many signals, some may be Yellow signals, warning you to rethink before proceeding, or take it Slowly – Cautiously.  Then there are the Red signals that scream – Stop!

This may seem complicated, but it is not.  Remain Aware of your Thoughts, Emotions, and Body language, as they are the data base that Spirit uses for your GPS Guidance.

A Watchful Eye

Do you
  • Feel your Emotions align with your Intentions?
  • Have Faith as the Plan unfolds?
  • Believe and Feel this is the right Course?

When you feel confident that all the checks and balances Align, have Faith in your Guidance and Relax.

Grow – Expand

Your Life, your Direction changes, your Personal Growth, your Soul Growth continually moves you forward, the very reason for your time here on Earth.  Redirection, is a sign of Growth, that leads you towards your true Path, your true Potential.

As All becomes clear.

The Universe evolves in a continuous Motion of Energy, Ever Changing, Ever Expanding….as do You!

A Path is not for finding your Purpose.  A Path is for exploration of your Potential, so your Purpose can unfold.  All Paths are a Journey, that through Lessons you discover your True Potential, your true Core Essence.  It is then that your Purpose unfolds.  All Grow along their Path through the Obstacles and Curves.  As you are lovingly led by Guidance Footprints, left along your Path, when a redirection is needed.

You Explore new Goals, new Choices, as you Expand and Evolve.  The Journey does have great Potential for Soul Growth.

Adventures that align with your ever Unfolding True Potential.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Ariel

Peace and Blessings, Carol