Your Souls: Call To Serve

Channeled Message From - Archangel Ariel

Your Souls: Call To Serve

The Souls Gift

With the Assistance and Guidance of your Angel and Guides, you have prepared in Many lifetimes, for this time of Ascension.  Lifetimes of – Lessons – Teachings – have brought you to this very moment.  As you progress, there will come a time when you hear and answer the Souls Call to Serve.  It is a valuable tool for your Souls advancement, to be both a Teacher and Student.

Giving is Receiving, the charity of the Heart is the Path Home.


Many have written that the Soul is tested after, it accepts the Call to Serve.  This is not entirely so, the Soul has been tested for lifetimes, to be at this point, at this time in which To Serve Humanity.  You re-incarnate and choose your Path and Lessons, often Past lives that you may see as disappointments are far from that.  They were not in vain, as you carried your Light to many who heard the words of your Heart.

Your expanded Light in this Lifetime, is due to the lifetimes prior that you carried the torch.

Often through adversity and harm, You continued.

Of Service

Lessons agreed to before incarnating, have been accomplished prior to You answering the Call to Serve in this Lifetime.  As you answer that call you create an emotional bond, a connection to others.  A Souls gift to Humanity and to oneself.  The Souls dopamine, the warm glow from the Ascension of the Heart.

Your Light magnifies, a beacon for this lifetime.  Showing those who also seek this Path of Service.  They witness your Light Illuminate, as Joy, Love and Devotion, penetrate your Soul.

Benefits for All of Humanity as well as Earth, as the Collective Light of All – Illuminates to Heal.

Be joyous of your many contributions from Past Lives, now transmuted into this current time of Ascension, as you continue in this Lifetime in Service to Others.

A Noble Path indeed. 

Live Your Light

Your Life has the capacity to change the Vibration of Humanity, your Planet – as you commit to Serve.  A Path now revealed for Others to follow.  Acts of kindness through Service is good for All Souls!

As we witness the many acts of Generosity and Kindness, the healers of the Human Spirit.  Generosity is an exercise for the Soul, one that brings Joy and Happiness through the Love of an Open Heart.

We applaud how you have Embraced Your Light, through Service, answering the Souls Call.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Ariel

Peace and Blessings, Carol