The Gifts: Now Seen

Channeled Message From - Archangel Raphael

The Gifts: Now Seen

Witnessing The Divine Within

Guides are your internal Self-Help book that continually opens to the correct chapter, showing you the Gifts that reside.

Showing, as you walk your path, the Gifts for transformation offered.  As Your Soul patiently waits, for you to recognize the level you came into this world with. The Truth and Wisdom that is within your Heart, your Soul.

Lesson Awareness

As you begin to Awaken, issues are presented through your expanded awareness.  The opportunity for Spiritual Growth and Healing, available on a Soul Level increases.  One purpose of reincarnating, is to witness recurring challenges, lessons, in a New Light, perhaps presented differently in this Lifetime.

Listen to your Inner Knowing, Trust and believe the Truth in the Wisdom you feel within.

Seek the reason behind all lessons, shift your perception so you are open to witness the experience as it appears in this lifetime.  Internally recording the lesson gained, without judgement.

Renewed Outlook

Ask, what can I learn from each Lesson?

Perhaps seeing a problematic lesson as a Gift, from insight and understanding you allow it to unfold.  The reason behind the lesson becomes clear when open to gained Clarity.

An in depth view can change future choices and decisions, as you take responsibility for your contributions.  All self examination assists in taking back your personal power.  Learning to let go of the negative energy that affected your decisions and outcomes of the past.

Let Go Of – Who – What – Why

Release your Soul, unburden your Heart, as you tune into the deeper meaning of Healing through releasing.

  • Be Open – Allow the Grace of Healing
  • Shift – To a State of Gratitude – Positive Energy
  • Quiet the Mind – Ask for Guidance

As you release the Pain, Grief and Guilt, Forgiveness will introduce the Healing from these situations. 

Lessons in Life change, when you chose the fork in the road that leads to Peace.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings, Carol