Masculine & Feminine: On Manifesting & Discernment

Channeled Message From - Goddess Bast

Masculine & Feminine: On Manifesting & Discernment

Divine Message – Feminine Form

Manifesting Your Life

Manifesting begins with a thought – each thought becomes an Energy flow, this energy attracts a likeness as – Like attracts Like.  Shifting your energetic vibration creates a Positive signal – Saying ‘Open to Receive.’

Make a conscious choice each day to focus on Positive Thoughts.  Be aware of your emotions – Fear and Anger – will lower your Energetic Vibration. 

Meditation is a Powerful Time To Receive Guidance – Journal What You Receive.  Be a – Calm – Open – Receptive vessel.

As the Co-creator of your Life, Contemplate and Clarify Your Desires – ‘Set a Clear Intention’ – feel the Joy and Pleasure these Higher Vibration Emotions bring.

Thoughts Are Powerful – They Create Your Reality – Positive Thoughts – Attract A Greater Experience

When Positive Energy flows, it allows you to receive Guidance throughout the day, to create the Favorable experiences you wish, into your life.

As you create the Life you wish, feel the Gratitude within, have Faith that what you wish, has already Manifested.

Create the Life that makes your Soul sing.  You have the ability – you Always have.

Masculine Form

Discernment Of Truths

Wisdom: One Of The Most Valuable Instincts Needed, On Your Journey To Re-awaken.

As you re-awaken to Earth’s new Consciousness, accessing the information you receive will help you manage these changing times.  There will be a greater need to listen to the words spoken.

As a Higher Vibration Being – you are more aware than you realize.

Believe in your Discernment – do not be led.

Ask Yourself

How do these truths feel, do these words resonate, or am I just trusting that they are gospel, perhaps from Habit?

As you continue to Ascend – Trust your Heart – stand by Your Truths – Believe in your abilities – to sense the False Truths with – Wisdom and  Intuition.

A Valuable lesson – the information – the Truths – you once believed, may Surprise you, as you examine them as an – Enlightened Being.

We Ask

As you go through this transition, bring any questions or concerns to us, we wish to help you navigate through this time of Great Positive change.

We as the Collective – wish you to know – we are Always here for you.

Channeled Message From – Goddess Bast

Peace and Blessings, Carol