Earth: Our Dis-connect

Channeled Message From - Archangel Uriel

Earth: Our Dis-connect

A Living Organism

There should be no secret that Earth’s current condition must change, denial will soon knock on the door of your Home – Earth.  There is a grave dis-connect by many on both sides of the Issues.

As a Living Organism, Earth requires what All living things require – To be Respected, Loved and Protected.

Earths Environmental concerns, are in need of a Soul-Searching approach.  A change of behavior, a Gentle nurturing attitude, needed for significant change.  To realize you are Nature, nature is within you, made with the same elements and energy of your planet.

Earths resources, Water, Minerals, Plants, and Crystals, elements infused with Earth’s Energy, that deeply connect with your body!

A Mindset adjustment of these truths, will be Key in Healing your planet – Earth.

An Earthly Relationship

Your Mutual Relationship with Earth, like all relationships must be born from Trust.  Prior to incarnating you signed a contract, if you will, to serve your planet during this period of Global Healing.

The issues that surround assisting Earth to Heal, have caused caustic reactions among many.  To transform the planet, you must start with yourself, as all healing begins within.  The challenging times you now find yourself, are the necessary upheaval needed for Great change, both Personal and Global.

Global conscious levels during Ascension, have elevated the Energy on your planet, but a deeper Human condition remains.  As caring for your planet, your environment, deeply affects the whole.

Earth Energy Is Healing

Your purpose at this time is a noble one, a Path of Service, one you signed up for.  Through these experiences you Grow, and gain the Wisdom you seek.  With gained understanding, that an unstable balance must be addressed.  The lack of Harmony, Imbalance, that exists between the Spiritual World and the Materialistic World.

Your Teachings, that All can Share and Serve the planet, when you blend and merge through a collaboration of revised Mindsets for the Greater Good.  Through choices from Respect and Integrity, not from Anger and Indifference.  As not to point fingers, at any one group, this divide has been festering for sometime, all the while the Planet has suffered the abuse from indifference.

Negative Energy from the Human race, is an additional assault on your planet, your precious Gift.

Many have become disconnected, from the Energy of Earth, not thinking it as their home, but merely a place to hang their hat.  As Earth becomes unbalanced, so too do you become the same.  Separation from Earths Energy, disrupts your bodies natural rhythms, her beautiful flow.  Nature is the natural stress reducer, that create many positive emotional affects.

An interesting Journey, the Golden Age of Gaia, is the planets Energetic shift with great Healing potential.  As you continue to evolve, releasing misguided beliefs, a clearing of your Internal System, including your Internal Chakras, creates Positive Healing.  You open your natural flow, as many gravitate to Earths Gifts for Healing, tools of the past have come full circle as you awaken to these Truths.

When you Heal, so too does the Earth plane.

Ripple Effect

Since one cannot change all of the indifference around the World, you can however, make the choice to change your Inner Dialect of Negative thoughts.  Personal Healing has a Ripple Affect, felt by many, including your Planet.  Your Inner Harmony, increases your Vibration. Old behaviors, old patterns can have a transforming affect, when Forgiveness is the lead emotion.  As Forgiveness allows room for Peace within, no longer closed by Negative thoughts and emotions.

Your Healing can indeed have a Ripple Effect for Change, both Personal and Global.

“The practice of Forgiveness is Our most important contribution to the Healing of the World.”  Marianne Williamson

When you become aware of the thoughts you have for others, as well as for yourself, you become a conduit for change. The blockages, once removed, allow the flow of Positive energy to enhance your experiences.  As Beliefs evolve, perhaps the wording around your Environmental concerns can also change.  Earth would then be better served, when the Law of Attraction is incorporated.

The Law of Attraction – If Global Warming is the Thought – The Emotions that are attached to this statement, become the Accelerant. The Universe hears and creates your Desire for…Global Warming.  Since Like attracts Like, replace with a Positive statement, that attracts Positive Emotions such as…Global Healing.

Just a Thought!

Affirm with Intention, the Home you wish to live.  With mutual Love and Respect you Create a New Reality.

As you Heal, Unite and Honor your Home – Earth.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Uriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol