Being The Light: As You Ascend

Channeled Message From - Ascended Master Serapis Bey
part of Ascension to Higher Frequency Beings - increased consciousness - lighter less dense.

Being The Light: As You Ascend

As Light Beings

Burdened for so long with the heaviness of this 3rd-dimension planet.  Earth now moves to a 4th and 5th Dimension, part of the Ascension {a Spiritual Expansion} to Higher Frequency Light Beings – with increased Consciousness.

Yet you still cling to the density that is no longer you.  Time to – Accept the Change – Embrace that – you are a – Being of Light.

As you continue through Ascension – Remember Do Not think of yourself as a Human ascending, but – A Light Being in a Spiritual Re-Awakening.

Message For The Ascension Process

To make sense of the Ascension process, realize it began with the thinning of Earth Veil.  As this takes place, there is a sense of increased Consciousness – Awareness.  The Veil, which we speak of, was imposed to block humans from remembering – Who you are – Why you came – Your purpose.

The Veil was placed between your five Physical senses and your Spiritual awareness.

As Ascension Continues To Thin The Veil – You Begin To Remember – to – Embrace – the – Return Of Your Spiritual Senses

With Earth’s dimension changing from a 3rd-Dimension to a 4th-Dimension, there are many ways to remain focused

Being The Light

Accepting – This is who You are 

Believe – You are a Light Being, this is how we see you, Pure Light Energy.

Begin – As you awake each morning to feel with Gratitude this Truth. 

Become aware of – Who you are – Why you came – Your purpose.

During meditation – Imagine your body filled with Light, see how it radiates from within – feel the energy – the warmth – hold this image – this feeling – this Light energy.

Ask – For Our Assistance, Always.

Channeled Message From – Ascended Master Serapis Bey

       – Carol