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Messages from Light Beings - Archangels - Ascended Masters - Goddesses - Star Beings

Positive: Growth

When a situation brings feelings that trigger a strong reaction, be thankful when they appear, as they can be gifts, Pennies from Heaven, to assist you in looking...

I Am A Perfect Example Of:

It’s never too late to begin a Spiritual Journey, embrace your gifts, and create your first website.

Divine guidance from these Light Beings, assisting me in finding what and who was needed to create their vision, explaining their target audience, bringing inspirational messages to inspire, guide and heal.

Light Beings, that I am honored to bring their channeled messages to you.

As an Interior Designer for more than 30 years, this is a big change, an unexpected surprise, that I fully embrace. Once I restarted my spiritual journey… read more – Carol Millar, a Clear Channel for Spirit

Channeled Messages: Information and Inspiration

Messages from The Light Reflections Team - The Council of 8 - Carol Millar

Our: Divine World

When human beings become aware of the task for which they have incarnated, they will begin to work on the earth, which is to say, on ‘their’ Earth, on...